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  1. well i tried and now its booting all over again :/ maybe i should try
  2. thanks a lot man! it worked well, no i let it charging and later i'll try flashing the stockrom via clockwork! :)) how can i remove the clockwork afterwards and replace it with the stockbootloader ;)? you made my day :D
  3. that would be great :), is it a oled or tft version, though i have the tft one.
  4. i already did :D hope somebody can put his nandroid backup here :)
  5. yep fastboot's working. where can i find any image in the .img format for the tft blade :)? the problem is, my zte is from switzerland and i'm lilving in germany so they won't give me a replacement right now ;)
  6. tried that, it just shows the green android, then the blue android and A N D R O I D upside down. and then it reboots again into clockwork but it always ends up the same. any solution :)?!
  7. which recovery do you mean? clockwork isn't working at all
  8. Hi, if you read my other threads you'd know, that my touchscreen is not working and i can't enter the clockwork recovery menu. so i downloaded the stockrom and extracted it. then i had the boot.img and flashed it to my phone. and i flashed the recovery.img too. so now the screen is displaced again, like here in the video: first it shows the orange bootscreen and then the one from my former rom the villain. How can i reset it completly to send it in?! Oh and the clockwork is not working anyway ;) hope one of you can help me :) Regards
  9. clockwork doesn't work :), does it remove clockwork too? and afterwards i should flash a new rom? can i flash the rom with fastboot?!
  10. can you tell me how to use fastboot with cleaning all the data stuff :)?
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