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  1. Вот осталась какая-то: http://fileshare.in.ua/6013122 Версия 7 из последних, пп 12Мб. One of the last versions b7, page pool 12Mb.
  2. On jacobns FW I have about 100Mb RAM after SR and not less 75Mb always. On wm6.5.3 its about 85 after SR, and not less then 60Mb.
  3. Samsung's Touchclock can do it. But delete default alarms in it and create new.
  4. Install themes first. But wm6.5.X themes only. You can see just list of themes of official FW.There are no themes) And they will not work on 6.5.x. Try to install this cab and select one of themes (cab includes about 6-7 modification of theme) Tacchan23_Black_6.5.x_VGA.cab 20x I agree. 23144 is the best. Here is too much software. Will be great to include it in xda-uc.
  5. Try to flash JC2 or II6 official on default flashers settings (without any checkboxes), then jacobn's FW - it will help!
  6. I don't know. Try official II6 FW (its last on wm6.1 ). Has it the same bug? Here, if you can't find.
  7. He is Russian firmware user. eboot isn't country-specifig thing.
  8. There is 2 guy (you are the second) who has that bug. And I don't know the reason :) MB try to change eboot, try to change CSC. But flash it with PDA, not just CSC/EBOOT.
  9. LITE1 had the same bug? I have few comments about "sleep of death". Other users have no that problem. I used FW for 2 weeks (not LITE2) in testings. I have just once that problem. Write after flashing, on the one of the firsts sleep. Try mb another CSC part. Or change region. Or try *#638738# with country and provider selection.
  10. I saw it once after each flashing. I dont know what the reason is :)
  11. I will try to find reason & jacobn will try to solve it.
  12. You can do it in samsung settings(not included in ROM, you had to install it).
  13. On Russian version with all default (Samsung dialer, all today items) - 99-100Mb RAM. There is no key mapper on startup, so it had to be more memory. English i didn't test yet.
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