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  1. I have some problem with clockworkmod recovery. In recovery manager it says Currently installed recovery: unrecognised and when I try to boot into recovery at reboot, I get ZTE Blade recovery and not custom recovery. and when I try to install custom recovery using update.zip, it says cannot install.
  2. +1 Well done team. Just updating my Vega to 3.2
  3. Really....really looking forward to next release.
  4. Thanks a lot for pointing me here. But I still cannot get it to work. It says USB device not found. So PC doesn't recognise my vega, when I try to run 1.10 exe file EDIT: Just worked like a magic after a few attempts. So it is a bit of hit and miss with the 2 sec back/power/bacjk button. Thanks a lot. Panic over.
  5. Tried this already but no luck yet. Holding back button for 2 sec, followed by power button for 2 sec and then releasing while holding back button for further 2 sec does really nothing. My vega would simply turn off after a while. When plugged into PC via USB the system pings to seem to suggest a device is connected but nothing happens. I see a new drive letter assigned but cannot access that.
  6. I have run into Install problem. Tried the fixed update patch from 1.6 to 1.7 and never worked for 2 tries I did. Kept me at VegaComb boot screen forever. Next I tried to install full 1.7 by wiping completely and now it wont even boot up. Anyone know which hardware buttons to use to force booting into clockwork?
  7. My understanding is that any Micro USB charger which has 700mA or more output should work for our Blade. Haven't ordered one, but as I need 2 more extra chargers, I would really appreciate if someone who's bought recently and working as AC Charging, to please post the Amazon/Ebay link.
  8. Posting this from my vega which is trying to tether from blade, but the moment blade's screen goes to sleep, I loose internet connectivity. So to be able to tether via blade, I have to keep my screen awakewhich consumes more battery.
  9. Is anyone able to see their Blade on Android Market Website under (My Market Account)? I am trying to install apps via the web interface but it does not show my device there. Lists my Advent Vega only, No Blade. I have used Market on Blade to download at least 15+ apps but still not showing up my device on web interface and there is no other way to link your account there. Also this may be off topic but have noticed yesterday and today that you search for any app and the result it throws up is unrelated in many cases. Like I searched for "Pulse News Reader" and it did not list that app. I clicked on News Republic which came up first on search page and from there I had to look at related app and Pulse was there. I had to do similar thing for other apps like Hullomail Voicemail, plume and many other popular apps.
  10. Think I spoke too soon. Just had two hardlocks, had to do full battery pull. Still won't boot while it is connected to USB Charging (via Laptop)
  11. This is probably the best Gingerbread ROM, I have tried. Battery life seems to be good too, or at least as good as Swedish Spring RLS5.
  12. I think it is more of Hardware problem. Have experienced it on Corvus ROM too. Fiddly hardware button same as on my blade.
  13. I guess you end up buying a replacement stock charger or buy HTC Wildfire charger costing 3-4 bucks on Amazon/Ebay
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