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  1. After reading a lot of reviews, I still decided to get the LiveView and ordered it and it finally arrived today. I charged it for 2 hours and when the LED went green, unplugged it and tried pressing the button to pair it and the device won't even turn on. I've been struggling for past 2 hours to get it to turn on but in vain. I'm packing up the device to return it and get a replacement. Have anyone had this problem with their new device? I even tried the 15 second reset method but nothing is working. The LED glows only when it's charging and turns from red to green but that's all it does. Any help would be nice. BTW, my phone is Xperia Play.
  2. Hi, did you buy from an amazon authorised seller or directly from amazon? Currently the Xperia Play is being sold by phones2post for £343. I'm a bit sceptical as it seems too cheap. I'm guessing you got the unlocked device. Can you pls tell me if it was a direct purchase or through an authorised seller. Your suggestions will be much appreciated. Thanks. Prax.
  3. I'm planning to switch from HTC Desire Z to the Xperia PLAY which in fact was my first choice but had to let go due to it's high launch price. Now it's available on Amazon for £343. Are there any better offers than this? I also have a big doubt: does this device have the internet pass-through facility like the HTC Desire Z? Is it possible to download and install games through media go software at least? I just don't want to overshoot my data plan. I tend to use the internet pass through a lot on my HTC Desire Z so it would be great if the PLAY has it too.
  4. I've been planning to buy a Desire Z and was going to do it by next week but now I'm a bit confused whether I should get the Z or the Desire S!!! Having used the Orange SF for a while, I believe I can do without a physical keyboard but feature wise I would really like to know what I'll be missing or gaining if I get the Desire S (other than the physical keyboard/front facing camera). I need to make a decision by this weekend. Please help!!! I'm still leaning towards the Z since I've heard the latest android update will be out for the Z by this month (April). P.S. I'm purchasing the SIM free version from either Amazon or Play and for £321 on Amazon for the Z it's a steal!!!
  5. Does this method work without any issues?? It looks really easy and there seems to be no flashing involved as with every other instruction video/tutorials. I would really like to make the most of my SF and would like to install a custom ROM in it. I just want to make sure this site's instructions are trouble free.
  6. Just unlocked my Orange San Francisco. Great effort and a great time/money saver!!! Excellent job!!! Thank you so much!!!
  7. Does anyone know how I can transfer my music and pics from my pc to the San Francisco?
  8. Problem solved...apparently the gprs setting of my mobile account was strangely removed and had to be reset after which everything is fine and peachy. Loving this baby!!! BTW, does anyone know if there are any pc sync software to transfer files between my pc and the san francisco?
  9. Will this setting work on the Orange San Francisco??? I'm not able to access my internet and a whole day of dealing with CS haven't helped either. Just ended up losing my voice having to explain things over and over to those people.
  10. My Orange San Francisco arrived today morning and my life's been hell till now...first of all, after activating the original sim in the mobile, I swapped my older orange SIM on it and the internet won't work on it. I ended up calling several orange CS people only to end up in arguments. It got even worse later when I wasn't able to make or receive any calls from my San Francisco using my old SIM and one helpful CS guy managed to get my problem and did something so that now I can make and receive calls and texts but the internet is still now working. He said he'll send the settings by text but nothing so far yet. Is my mobile faulty? Or is it jsut a matter of setting the stuff clearly by the network? I've really had it with Orange. Planning to switch to either O2 or T-mobile. Any help on this matter would be appreciated.
  11. Hi, I'm new to Modaco and am so glad that I found it 'cos I've ordered the Orange San Francisco for a great price (£89). Your forums are very helpful to easily understand things. Once I get my phone, I want to debrand it and unlock it as well. If I debrand it first, will it cause any problem while unlocking? Should I unlock first and then do the rebranding? do they really affect each other in any manner? I'm asking 'cos I can unlock the phone slowly but would like to debrand it asap but if it is safe to unlock it first, then I'll do that straight away. I'm planning to debrand it using the steps given by 'Xeyaztian'. Would that do fine? I guess it should. I've also found that I should activate the PayG SIM that comes with the phone to unblock it from Orange network because I will be using my existing rolling contract 3GSIM on it. Thanks for all the answers and guides. This is a great site!!!
  12. That was a really nice review. I've been wanting to change my blackberry curve for a while for a nice android handset but budget was a problem. Now I want to get the HTC Desire z but it's gonna take a few months for me to roll up the dough and when I saw this review I just decided to take this mobile for a spin to experience android. Gonna sell my BB & get this baby instead. I want to know the best possible deals out there. I know play and amazon sells them for £99 including the £10 top up. When I walked into an Orange store they said its £99+£20 top up...that's a rip off. Let me know if there are any other better deals out there. Thanks.
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