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  1. Just turned 40 with no clue at all, Lalit has been amazing on both the Skate and The Blade, and although t I don't have either device anymore, I like to keep up to date on his teenage wizardly ways. Keep it up fella!
  2. Hi All, This forum is like a graveyard!! Newer and better devices have overtaken the old Galaxy till development is but gone. However........ Team Android Jellybean (TAJB) over on XDA have started work on a port for the old clunker: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1747042 I've flashed it, and its definitely a work in progress,no wifi or calls yet, but it's not bad considering the source hasn't been released yet. Enjoy!!
  3. Cool! I'm back in the picture now, broken skate repaired and promptly broken again, so I'm back to the Blade permanently (is there such a thing as permanently?) Good to see Development has progressed with all the handsets though, 10/5 is nice and stable. Keep up the good work fella ;) PV
  4. If youre not fussy about a brand new handset, you can buy one thru CEX, marginally cheaper at around 80 quid
  5. Ive picked up one of these while my zte skate is away for repair, only problem ive got is that the usb port doesnt work, so ive got 2 batteries and an external charger...any way I can get clockwork on this without usb?
  6. Ive picked up one of these while my zte skate is away for repair, z4 root did it first try.
  7. Any effect expected with regards to the camera? Not that it'll make much difference to me just yet as I've just turned my Skate into its namesake...that is, roller-skate, skate-board, ice-skate...ahem..under my size 10...sad times, I'm gonna be without it for a few days at least..clumsy *badword* idiot :angry: :(
  8. You might want to check where they installed to, not many apps will have working Widgets if they're in the SD card ;)
  9. At the time I was using Opera so I went for Chromemarks, it is surplus to requirements now, I'm reflashing later with a bigger system partition and putting my core apps in there so I'll have them pre installed if I ever do a factory reset ;)
  10. Apex is great, although with recent tweaks/fixes the stock launcher is sweet now, apex has more options though. Browser wise, the stock one works brilliantly now, and I use Chromemarks lite to sync with my desktop browser ;)
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