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  1. I can't get google now to display cards through the google search widget. Is it normal? I don't mind that it is, just wondering if it is or I'm just being a noob . :)
  2. I had already seen it but thanks.
  3. I've tried to figure it out by myself but I'm confused. Which nightly are you guys using mostly?
  4. Sorry for the offtopic but how do you watch bbc from outside the uk? I always try to find some streaming to watch formula 1 but often with no success.
  5. So, has anyone unlocked this model? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance :unsure:
  6. Okay, I sorted it out by using the original SD card. I also had to format it and leave it with the image folder only.
  7. I've tried that. All I get is the boot logo (as it was connecting to fastboot, yes).
  8. I don't get any green text at all. No matter if I hold menu + volume up or just volume up, it sticks to bootlogo and wont do anything else. Can anyone help?
  9. Where did you get it from? I can only find a paid version on the market... :D Thanks in advance
  10. There isn't a free Steve Lin's launcher or is there?
  11. Afaik, the random reboots were related to android 2.3.2 itself so eventually things are better now. (I can't really say cos I'm still using N8). About to flash the last nightly though
  12. How are things right now? I'm still on N8 because the proximity was driving my crazy. By looking at https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_devi...its/gingerbread seems like not much has improved ever since.
  13. Is proximity sensor fixed? That's all I need to upgrade from N8

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