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  1. vertico

    Official: The HTC One

    is it just me... but the back and the corners look far too similar to iPhone 5?
  2. thanks paul for taking time out to explain a bit more about the specific terms on Post 1
  3. ships in 4-5 weeks now :(
  4. vertico

    Google announces $199 Acer C7 Chromebook

    i am struggling to understand why do you need a chromebook when Nexus 10 can do the job?
  5. vertico

    Exclusive: 6GB Nexus 7!

    actually the ad is true .. my 8gb N7 shows Total space of 5.92 GB at the Storage screen ;)
  6. o well .. third party ones in Amazon does .. for half the price (not including the £6 delivery ASUS shop is charging). :(
  7. @Paul: Do you know whether this case will smart sleep the Nexus when the cover is closed?
  8. If you are in US, just get it in Play store. IF you are in anywhere else, Flash Paul's custom rom. Paul has included a patched Google Wallet app with the rom.
  9. Will the google wallet work straight out of the box after applying your rom? *been away to iphone for most of the year has left my android knowledge along with my G1 (in a graveyard)
  10. I have just received my Nexus 7 and applied google's update.. now it s 4.1.1 how do i get into Bootloader then? I have turned off, then hold down "volume up" and power on, and it just started the tablet normally. What did I do wrong?
  11. vertico

    Some UK Nexus 7s to be delivered tomorrow?

    same here .. looks like google has fail again on delivering real devices.
  12. vertico

    XMOD: Region / Device / Root patched Google Wallet

    Can any one help.. I keep trying to install it on Xperia S. 1. I cant install from /system/app 2. I cant install from /data/app 3. I can't see app from app tray Can anyone shine any light whether it is physically impossible to install on Xperia S?
  13. i would like a vega for my firlfriend.. my girl friend wont get off mine :( I supported android from the start. From G1 to vega :(
  14. vertico

    Main Use of your Vega

    To be honest I still havent quite find a use for it yet. I do all the items in the poll. having said that .. i like to take this to watch movie rather than hauling a full size MBP to bed to watch ..
  15. vertico

    MoDaCo Custom r6 discussion archive

    I can't download the rom with performance pack. It only downloaded a 106kb file. :( Help...

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