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  1. Yeah I've done this trick a couple of times. It is only a moderate pain in the arse (at least compared to having to change oyur number!)
  2. I'm about to get a Seat Ibiza with Android Auto and I must say I am stupidly excited about this. Maybe even more excited than I am about the new motor!
  3. Surely adoptable storage on the SD cards renders this irrelevant? I'm rocking a 6P as my daily driver ATM so not really used adoptable storage on my phone. But on my Shield TV, and on my Shield Tablet it is marvellous and works brilliantly. I can't really see why internal staorage alone would be a deal breaker on a Marshmallow device with an external SD. Love to be educated!
  4. I don't think it works with AMD so my main rig at home is out and my rig at work doesn't seem to have the USB 3 drivers installed so need to sort that. I am intrigued though....
  5. Not had a great deal of joy getting this to work so far....
  6. Must say I'm quite excited by this. Could be really handy for dual boot devices I reckon.
  7. I have slightly dodgy WiFi due to there being a large number of Virgin Superhubs all competing on the same few bands and I find the new Chromecast to be so much more efficient that the first gen one!
  8. I bought a pair of these on the basis of this review and I have to say I am pretty happy with them.
  9. I've just got a Redmi Note 2 Prime which is excellent. Must say I'm something of a convert to Xiaomi now!
  10. I'm loving mine, for the money it is exceptional value I'd say. Any idea how to get tap to wake on it? I can barely live without that now!
  11. So then Hudl 2 vs Smart Tab 4G then huh?
  12. That is the other big thing for the Shield IMHO, Nvidia have been pretty excellent about updates so you'd imagine it will stay current for a while...... Hmmm..... Well I guess it will all be about how much my car costs to get through it's MOT!
  13. What is the Atom processor going to be like for gaming? In all honesty my main use for tablet is playing games OTG, and I had been seriously considering the Nvidia Shield tab..... But the Hudl, at this price point, looks pretty darned tempting. Mind oyu it ends up bewing false economy if it can't actually do what I want it to do huh?
  14. Anyone else thoroughly underwhelmed by the S5?
  15. Seems mental to me. I'm a Three customer, and generally when upgrade itme comes around they are happy to let me have a play. But the general experience is much how you described.
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