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    UK Retail Upgrade on rooted phone

    The latest is 176.44.1.falcon_umts.Retail.en.GB AFAIK Have you had any problems with making calls. I have scenario as you (without having rooted), all was well after update for days the I got some unknown 'bug report' captured that it wanted to send. Since then it's been useless trying to make a call. Receives calls fine, data is fine, wifi fine - just can't use my phone to phone anyone!
  2. mandr0id

    Moto G bug fix update announced

    When I ran this update (OTA) on a handset with retail stock rom it has caused problems where there were none before. Now I am unable to make calls full stop most of the time. If I can make a call (one in fourty chance maybe) the end call button appears to end at call receiving side, but not on the Moto G and nothing will end except a reset. Can I rollback as this is useless - a phone that can't phone.
  3. mandr0id

    How to flash to the standard UK ROM

    So typical that people on Tesco ROM are actually receiving the OTA update already before us that have flashed UK standard :unsure:
  4. mandr0id

    How to flash to the standard UK ROM

    Ta... no need for me to reflash then if I've done r2 and a Factory Data Reset. :)
  5. mandr0id

    How to flash to the standard UK ROM

    Thanks Paul ;) What is the difference between the r2 and r3? Does it just eliminate the dirty flash? Cheers again!
  6. Just log into your google account on your G300 and your contacts should synch. Many ways to move over pictures... use a backup app, connect to PC, email them to yourself, etc - take your pick.

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