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  1. I would start again and I'd do a clean install (which i have). This would give you damage limitation on any issues. Assuming you know how to install a ROM via Clockworkmod, you would update to 4.2 the same way you did 4.1 except when your in Clockworkmod you would need to use the wipe data factory reset option. Then go into mounts and storage Then select the format the system option. After its all done formatting go back to the main menu on Clockworkmod and select Advanced then select reboot recovery. When rebooted back in to Clockwork mod install ROM as usual.
  2. This is good so far. Using third party apps that access the camera and it works. I also feel its a smoother experience navigating around on 4.2 then 4.1. For me 4.2 is a keeper. 4.1 IMO is isn't worth keeping on my phone and that's at version R5 :wacko: Dazzozo .... THANK YOU :D
  3. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-Touch-Screen-Digitizer-Glass-Lens-HUAWEI-Ascend-G300-U8818-U8815-/290735553991
  4. I currently cant find a 330 for less than £160 + post. I cant justify that for something with just a dual core and nothing more than the G300 I have. I would probably go and buy a more hardware packed phone from china like the Jiayu G3 even though there is no dev community to speak of.
  5. Ref the font issue. I haven't had it since I changed fonts to roboto, worth a go and by no means a fix...
  6. No Voda sucks major donkey balls IMO. Their plans are truly awful. When I bought the G300 I spent three weeks going around my place of work offering the £10 Voda voucher for free...not one person was on Voda out of 350 people :o Here is a rough non scientific break down on the networks I found being used when I was on the great Voda voucher give-away :D o2 Orange T-Mobile GifGaf Three Asda - Voda network, I know. I lost the will to live....
  7. Thanks. That was interesting. Looks like a lot of people experienced what it was like to fall out the ugly tree on that day. Brave people :o
  8. Maybe some body would like to dip a toe into the Chinese market? Here's a G330 for £115. Adding faster postage so you can have it delivered before you die of old age would raise the cost thou :(
  9. Yes you can still get new. I got mine from Argos £99 + compulsory £10 top-up (b******) thou stock is shrinking fast, at the time of purchase there was only one left in the city I live in. I Bought an unlock code for £4.99 via eBay, works great and it flies on the CM9 ROM
  10. Had one but gave the login details away. Unless your willing to pay for the extras its useless IMO. Try bulk downloading for instance ..er.. no, not allowed. You have to do it one by one or sign up for premium. You can get around that limitation by creating a network folder/location to box acct. on your PC.
  11. Here you are http://www43.zippyshare.com/v/71238323/file.html
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