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  1. i tried all solutions but without successful (emergency and remove the battery and disable the modem.....ets) but still my rom 20b , i need help PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
  2. i have problem with upgrade my gt540 from any rom to another, i tried to change my rom from 2.1 baltic to 2.1 fast boot and 20d but with no success, when i start the kdz updater and choose the rom that i want it , the upgrade process goes smoothly and finish with success, but when i check the phone verion i found it as it 20b ... the phone version not changed !!!!! i tried 10 times with deferent roms please help, i need 2.1 with fast boot to upgrade to 2.2
  3. i solved my problem, install french rom 20A then install out.kdz then install baltic, i searched here in and found this solution
  4. Hi , when i turm my phone off and turn it again the take long time to start and it start directly to home screen without lg logo and the word ANDROID, i cant see if i can go to fast boot or recovery mod. please i need your help
  5. thank you for this instructions but i am not from Europe (i am useing 2.1 baltic rom ), what is the KDZ updater can i use ? and if you can support us by adding all needed links because there is alot of fastboot roms ;-)
  6. i don't think that requires any hardware , it is just pc and cable
  7. just i want to till about my phone story, i bought my phone 3 months ago and upgrade it from 1.6 to 2.1 , and i asked here and in other web sites to downgrade my phone to 1.6 again but all people told me that there is no way to downgrade it, few day ago i deside to updrade it to 2.2 and during the updrading process my phone freeze and dead with no way to connect with computer, today i went to lg sevice center and told them that my phone stop working, he told me its easy i i wait only 15 min and he back to me with my phone with 1.6 firmware !!!! my question how he made this ? -how he wake up my dead phone? -how he downgrade my phone and what is the tools ?
  8. thank you alot for your help, but i think that the 2.2 rom doesn't have clockwork recovery or fastboot, how to restore my backup ?
  9. thank you sir, but i have one more question to start trying, how can i back to my 2.1 (must do anything before start upgrading like backup or anything else)
  10. thanks rajapandian for feedbak, yes all i need is the instruction to install this rom (2.2) but i dont have fastboot, can i use mormal kdz apdater ? like any rom upgrade ?
  11. Please help us with the instruction how to upgrade to this rom (STEP BY STEP PLZ) and can we downgrade it to 2.1 again, I have baltic rom 2.1 with no recovery or fast boot. and please check the download link
  12. from where, give me the link and step by step please
  13. How to install ClockWork Mod on GT540
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