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  1. Do MMS work correctly on this ROM? GSF, Swedish Snow and CM all have issues with MMS. To test: make your Internet APN incorrect (just change some parameter) and keep your MMS APN as is. Turn on data, and ask someone to send you a MMS.
  2. http://bbs.hiapk.com/thread-2984298-1-1.html I can't read this thread at all. But it was started by Burstlam and said something about 4.0.3 in there. Perhaps it could be interesting to check.
  3. Burstlam, so there's no corrected odexed version of your ROM? I see you have a new link for the normal one, but not for the ODEX'd version. Just the old link crossed over,
  4. Definetly not placebo. CM7 has never ran as smooth to me as it has on Burstlam's Odexed ROM.
  5. I said "odex", not "de-odexing". In any case, it's a pity. Burstlam's ROM really is noticeably faster and smoother than the previous CM7 official and KANG builds; odexing seems to be the reason why that happened.
  6. sej7278, did you ever consider doing what burstlam did with his ROM? ("odexing", I think it was called). I am asking this because Burstlam's ROM is *considerably* smoother and faster than any other CM7 ROM I tried. Perhaps that was the cause of it?
  7. I have also just now realized that when you press the power button -> reboot, the Recovery or Fastboot options do not appear. Finally, sometimes instead of the "No Service" message I simply do not get any words at all. (I have to reboot it numerous times to get to this situation; it seems to be random though) Instead of my carrier's name or "No Service", there are basically no letters on that spot. This is true for either the default view, and the view which CM allows (where the carrier name is in smaller letters, right above the power widget) Cheers! Blues003
  8. Burstlam, Your latest build is incredily fluid and fast. I have never experienced such pleasurable CM on the Blade. However, I found one bug which, despite minor, is annoying. I keep getting a "No Service" message, either on the Lock Screen or the Notification menu. It's not like it's true: I have service, and I can call/text/whatever just fine. Yet, instead of my carrier's name, all that shows up is "No Service". Perhaps you could check that out? Cheers!
  9. What about a MIUI/Meizu/MI-ONE sort of theme? There are some good ones on XDA (to flash via Theme Chooser) for CM7, but they don't satisfy me that much. And I think it could be quite interesting visually! ;)
  10. I'd say pick up a ROM stable/fast ROM like GSF and add some CM7-like features?
  11. The "run" right now is between the Ace and the SGS II. The Blade has almost no chance. However, here are the good news: the factor limiting MIUI porting to the Blade is the same as the one limiting the port to the Galaxy Ace. Indeed, they need to overcome both the fact that the Ace is ARMv6 and MDPI, while if they port to the blade, all they need to deal with is the ARMv6 fact. In other words, if there's a successful port for the Ace, it should become a lot easier to make a port to the Blade right after. So vote on the Ace!
  12. I am sorry, I worded it wrong. In *my* case, that is how that is happening. :) I doubt it has to do with the APNs, as I have tried configuring them manually and through a market App (APN Portugal, which always worked for me on other ROMs), and the end result is the same. Also, comparing the CM7 APNs to the ones that work on GSF/other Roms/the ones recommended by my carrier, there are no differences. In any case, I am on a ZTE Blade bought in Portugal, on the portuguese Vodafone carrier.
  13. Hello everybody. I have been noticing a bug on CM7 for quite some time now. It's a known bug, that affects many devices (actually, I *believe* it affects them all), and that me and Tom_G have discussed recently. I created this topic for the purpose of having a place where people can actively discuss the issue and gather all the relevant info. While I could discuss it in the official CM7 topic, it'd get lost between all the other messages. First of all, some brief notions of how MMS work: MMSs are data sent over your carrier. This means that you need Data Enabled in order to send a MMS. You can activate Data on Settings, although it comes enabled by default on CM7 (Settings -> Wireless & Networks -> Mobile Network). Without Data Enabled, your MMS will fail to send, and you will not be able to receive MMSs either. In order to send a MMS, you also need a MMS APN. There are two main types of APN that concern the topic: MMS and Internet APN. Both are related to the usage of Data by the network, and the network knows how to differentiate "MMS Data" from "Internet Data" . However, they are independent, and you are not required to use "Internet Data" in order to use the MMS APN. The problem with CM is exactly that: for some reason, on CM7 you *need* a functional Internet APN in order to send a MMS. That is not how it is supposed to work, nor it is how it works on other ROMs (for example, GSF). For those with a Data plan, this is a minor bug. But for those without one, this means I have to pay for a day of Internet Data (1.29€) everyday I want to send/receive a MMS. If CM7 allowed me to send/receive solely based on the MMS APN (like it is supposed to), no Data would be charged (my phone plan includes unlimited MMSs to everyone on my carrier). 2G/3G does not interfere with the process itself; having 3G enabled simply makes sending/receiving data faster. You can still receive MMSs on 2G. That being cleared out, let us see how you can test if you have the issue or not: - Step 1: Make sure your MMS APN is well configured. (Settings -> Wireless & Networks -> Mobile Networks -> Access Point Names). - Step 2: Delete your Internet APN, or click on it and change its "APN" field (I changed mine from net2.vodafone.pt to 123net2.vodafone.pt; whenever I want it working again I'll just go there and take the 123 out). - Step 3: Try to send a MMS without the functioning Internet APN. - Step 4 (optional): Try sending a MMS with the Internet APN correctly configured. - Step 5: Report your results. I am currently away from home but will be posting logcats of this issue soon. MMSs work as they should on GSF (they work without an Internet APN), if someone wants a comparison. I tried pushing MMS.apk app to CM7, but it didn't solve the issue: Tom_G suspects it is in the framework. Perhaps it'd help if Wbaw told us which apps he copied from CM7 to his ROM (and therefore, which apps do not appear to be responsible for the issue). Thanks for your time! Blues003
  14. I'm interested on it, as long as it's better than GSF and CM7. Specially when it comes to bugs. I request no apps in particular, aside from SuperUser. Perhaps there could be a kitchen for the apps some users asked, but are not used by everyone? (i.e. Several Launchers, Titanium Backup, Benchmarking apps, Terminal Emulator, Different SMS Keyboards, Different Dialer and SMS apps, WidgetLocker) I'd love to have the option to toggle stuff in the status bar; perhaps it could be a kitchen-option as well. I'm more onto performance than onto looks, specially considering I can edit the looks myself later. And considering this is supposed to be a big community effort, perhaps there could even be a topic dedicated to theming on this particular ROM? Hope your work turns out great!
  15. What phone: ZTE Blade What ROM: CyanogenMOD Nightly 136+ What carrier/country: Vodafone Portugal Do you use an app such as APNDroid or APN Portugal (or other to toggle cellular data)? APN Portugal 1) Can you send/receive MMS when "Settings->Mobile network-> Data enabled" is OFF and internet APN is enabled: An error message appears: "Currently unable to send your message. It will be sent when the service becomes available." 2) Can you send/receive MMS when "Settings->Mobile network-> Data enabled" is ON and internet APN is disabled: An error message appears: "Currently unable to send your message. It will be sent when the service becomes available." I can send MMS when Data enabled is ON and internet APN is enabled. On GSF b14, I can send MMS when Data enabled is ON and internet APN is DISABLED.
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