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  1. Yeah i've had the same since updating. Seems we'll have to go back to the older version for the time being.
  2. Yeah that's what i assumed, been seeing some Virgin specific APNs round the web that's all. Thought that my 3G would be better considering i'm meant to be in an area that's "very good". Oh well! :wacko:
  3. Can anyone using Virgin give me their APN settings please? Is everyone else's APN on virgin setup as "T-Mobile"
  4. None else as far as i know. Tesco runs on the O2 network like GiffGaff if i'm correct.
  5. I used the auto tool as when i got to the de-odexing it would make my phone stick on the xolo logo. I say there were no doubles, but it turns out after i went in with root explorer the were a couple with doubles but they just didn't show up in the app menu. I'm pretty sure it was clock and something else (I know what great help i am!) I'm pretty happy at where the phone is now, not too worried about the sdcard at the moment. I'll just wait and see where you get with the tool ricky ;) Just one other thing someone may be able to help me with. After installing flibblesans stock pack it installs google music but it doesn't show up in the google play store. I've tried deleting with titanium backup but it says it can't find the .apk. I've also manually deleted with root explorer but when i go to reinstall from the market it says it already exists. Again not a huge deal but i obviously want to be able to update it in the future. Failing no work around i'll just flash the rom again and manually push/download the apps i want from flibblesans stock pack.
  6. I'm giving up on de-odexing. Something isn't right, though it was working when i managed to do a successful install first time round. I might install orange at some point and see if that makes a difference, for now i'm going to have fun with my phone Quick note. Not de-odexing and installing flibblesans stock pack doesn't produce doubles so must have been something to do with the de-odexing.
  7. Congrats ricky! Ok so now using the AIO tool for xolo i get stuck on the xolo logo after de-odexing. Any ideas? Would installing the orange update and then trying xolo again make any difference?
  8. ok so fix brick has got my albums loading again. I'm going to run through the AIO xolo tool, then swap and then enable sdcard. I'll let you know how i get on.
  9. I'm guessing you mean swap then enable the both cards after i've finished the aio tool? As the sdcard option doesn't come up in the aio tool process. That didn't work but thanks for your help.
  10. Ok i'll give it a go again. i really shouldn't be doing this right now, i have an exam tomorrow morning. But i can't resist! So far so good. Ok stopped on deodex, but pulling the cable out and put it back in seems to have sorted it. Ok all done. Still getting "SD card unmounted or not present" in social gallery. And titanium backup isn't working still. I don't know what i did before that made titanium backup work again. Did a factory reset still can't see pics in social gallery.
  11. Yep :) I've now removed adb unsecure as i've hacked adb. This is about the 6th time i've been through things lol Gallery was working at some point but when i did something (yes i am an idiot, i can't remember what it was) i had to do a brick fix and start again. and now i have titanium backup problems again. I've done two things, enabled both sd cards in xolo and the razr i mod. I'll work my way backwards
  12. Thanks. Do you deodex after installing flibblesans mod or before? Edit- When installing i get can't mount system/app/*.odex. No such file or directory. Same for framework and lib I get doubles for movie editor and clock but no .odex files in there. There seems to be other things similar to each other but i'm not sure if they are doubles or not. I also have three camera apps, orange plus, social gallery. At least Titanium backup works now so i can remove them :) But now i can't see pictures in the gallery or social gallery app. It says "No external storage avaliable"
  13. Finally i get to use your great tool ricky with my new virgin sim. No longer is my OSD a £140 brick! Just a few things that i've noticed, would appreciate if anyone could tell me if they are having the same issues. I'm running win7 64bit. LCD density mod doesn't work. It says can't find C:\SanDiego\tools\dpi\270 even though it's there and the default.prop is in there. Installing flibblesans mod pack doesn't remove the old apps and i end up getting some doubles. No biggie, i can manually remove them with titanium backup. Except since doing everything titanium backup has stopped working. Tried reinstalling, deleting data but no luck. If anyone has any ideas regarding titanium backup i would appreciate it.
  14. I had been wondering about the indicators yesterday. Great find Baz
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