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  1. Main function: - Limit incoming/outgoing call time. - Block incoming call *Supported specific phone number or wide range numbers. *Supported phone number format. - Vibrate on connection. CallBreakService - Full(15.Jan.2012).rar
  2. Hi, it now a real WM services, not regular program, more function.. and smaller,
  3. [05 Jan 2012] New update - real wm services, small memory usage. - block incoming call - vibrate on connection ... Hi, this is my app for calling time limit. My topic here 05.01.2011CallBreak.rar
  4. Hi, this is my program to break your calling in time as you want. is it usefull for anyone? http://windows.modaco.com/topic/348825-app-call-break-manager-your-calling-time-manager-your-money/
  5. [15 Jan 2012] Update - Advanced Break: Break any number or any range numbers(using 'x' for any number from 0 ->9).. - Phone number format supported [05 Jan 2012] Update - WM services, native C++ for smaller program. - Block incoming call - Vibrate on connection. .... Well, Sorry about my bad English! This is my first program for my phone - I8000 WM6 base. There're large number of programs for Windows Mobile but I cant found one that cut off my call in setting time. I think it so easy... Therefore, I try to make it by myseft. I heard about .NET and Visual Studio can programming for WM. And now, it work with few function. - Break your call at setting time. - Setting with income/ outcall independent time. - Within last 10second, your phone will make an alert vibrate. - Continue your call with press Dont break button. (it appear when your phone make vibrate, disappear after 5second) - No more! How to use. - You need install .NETCF 3.5 to run it. - Install this cab, restart your phone. - In the first run, let config it. - Dont tap x button, just press Hide and now it working for you. - to show it again, let open Call Break in start menu. - It dont use real time clock, so that setting time out less than you need for safe. Thanks! It works good on the emulator and my phone. If there something wrong, just tell me. [update] New timer, as real time clock. CallBreakService - Full(15.Jan.2012).rar
  6. Thank you for 6.5JJ. It good but I want Samsung keyboard and other remove cab? I see the link download cab just JE2 and dont have samsung keyboard. It always show "message sent" when I send sms, how can I disable it?
  7. I try MS Team JJ1 lite rom, i think that version of touch player and photo album are better. I know but i feel the way to use of 6.5 better than 6.1.
  8. I see Photo Album and Touch Player are very old version. The sense rom is hungry for ram, it only about 15m free ram after 1day use, I only use for call, message and music player.
  9. before screen go off, it will turn off backlight and screen look so dark, my problem is it alway in dark state. other problem is i enable samsung UI it replace default action of start menu with mainmenu, and in mainmenu there no samsung UI setting to disable it. Now i cant access windows setting menu. sorry about my english.
  10. I got 2 problems: - Backlight dont light up after unlock screen. - I enable SS UI and found no way to disable it.
  11. There are something with 6.1 roms. - Your TF3D 6.1 rom seem not smooth as your TF3D 6.5. - I use power button to wake up the phone and in setting I choose Lock or Power button but the phone always wake up with any button. - The phone dont lock again after receive incoming call.
  12. Thanks! Is there anyway make the phone vibrate when call connected ?
  13. I have problem with your Lite and Ulite 20917. So that I install default lockscreen form your cab (JH2 Cabs). It not work and I cant do any thing but it still accept incoming call.
  14. Hi, first is the exception when using CHT editor, in that case cant exit CHT and hang up Manila, no function active. and I must restart the phone. - Main bug with me is hang up at main screen, i cant do anything but incoming phone. Hix. - Other bug is sometime i got new sms but dont see it. Is the phone get problem if I flash it a lot of time? about 100 time???
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