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  1. i didn't have any lockups in the previous beta but i do with 1.3.
  2. just tried #8 still very laggy for me, back to corvus.
  3. any thing you can do about wifi shutting down with the screen off paul?
  4. probably did the same as me, removed the offline part of the link and kept inputting answer to the capcha until it gave me a file.
  5. As we can't get into clockwork without first booting into a working system has anyone tried flashing a clockwork backup with nvflash?
  6. just tried flashing r6, got a blank screen. unzipped the 1.08 update and replaced recovery.img with the clockwork version then flashed it. EDIT. flashed the non pp version via clockwork and it runs fine.
  7. think i'll try it this way when paul is ready with r7
  8. Router.............................netgear DGND3300v2 : firmware .46 vega mod status...............R5 + PP connection issues..............none encryption........................WPA2-PSK (AES)
  9. today i installed eng hboot and clockwork on my DHD, glad i did it ahead of the new OTA stopping visionary.
  10. it would just be a mic, i can't see it doubling up as a reset.
  11. don't forget to get working in ubuntu (or any linux dist with udev) you need to add a udev rule. sudo gedit /etc/udev/rules.d/71-android.rules paste this SUBSYSTEM=="usb", SYSFS{idVendor}=="0955", MODE="0666" save then reboot. assuming 0955 is the same vendor id for your device. do lsusb when the vega is connected to check.
  12. i have a htc g1, moto milestone and a htc desire hd. i assume windows gets confused sometimes.
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