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  1. i've just bought a nexus one from the 'bay. came with a few accessories and some very minor scratches for £185 delivered. i came to the point where the SF just wasnt satisfying my requirements; for a budget phone I had high expectations which it couldn't live upto. shame, my requirements are a bit different than alot of people here so i've decided to sell and go with a far more business orientated device.
  2. is anyone else having issues with the update Sygic released for Aura early this week/end of last week? (various features + rename to 'Sygic GPS Navigation') i'm having huge relaibility issues with the app, but i've also been having issues with my phone in general recently (which i think i've got fixed). it'd be nice to know if it's an app issue, or my phone has died... my problems seem to be GPS issues in Sygic only (GPS Test shows stable, good sat. locks), and the program will crash 1in4 boots and i have to force restart the phone (or wait 10-15mins for some timeout to occur)
  3. i've had this issue recently, Metacadoari - have you tried restarting your phone?
  4. i think i did the same thing with gen2 update, so speaking from experience there :unsure: glad your sorted! i'm back on gen1 due to lack of a properly working ROM on gen2. (cyanogen and SS5 dont work well enough for me!)
  5. i just want to be sure; you've upgraded to gen2, rebooted, you then get put back into clockwork? if so, then depending on the gen2 image you've flashed, then you will also need to flash a ROM too (make sure it's gen2-compliant).
  6. dell streak is more like a small tablet rather than phone. while it'll fit into any normal sized jeans pocket, it's just a tad too big for a phone. theres also the nexus one and evo if you havent thought about them.
  7. the bigest problem i've been having lately is when i move the phone from my ear when incall it unlocks the screen. great if you want to end the call, but sometimes you dont want to (like to switch ears..) i've had a few long calls recently where i've started dialing numbers or hanging up with ear contact due to the screen still awake. is there anything out there that will disable the proximity/light sensor when incall to stop this happening?
  8. you know what they say about meeting folk on the internet :unsure:
  9. i use data counter widget. i also know theres some out there where you can enter your monthly data allowance, and it will give you a bar of your usage - i dont know their names though.
  10. I won't be using a Garmin mount, more of a custom mount in my car. Probably some glue to fix the case to mount... but yes, that's the idea
  11. i'm looking at making a DIY car holder for my blade, and theres a rather ingenius guy on the internet modded a hard case for a desire. however, my hesitation is i cant find any front views of the blade with a hard case attached. it's a long shot, but does anyone have a picture of one? i'm specifically looking for the front side of the phone to work out how it grips to the phone, and if it will handle being used as a phone holder...
  12. ups - checkout brodit (as per my post above). they do an active cradle specifically for the blade!
  13. yeah, i found something like that last night; very intermittent and flaky trying to connect with the dongle. flb 11b did connect a few times though, just not good enough for use. i'll stick on Orange 2.1b05 untill the phone dies or i get a deal on a newer device that i cant refuse. it'd be nice for 2.2, but a luxury i can live without. although with that said, Parrot have an android headunit due out very soon. maybe it's worth an upgrade so i can rely on the HU for torque usage.
  14. i'd look for a TPT recovery image. move files from computer to mSD card, insert it into the phone, the power on & vol+. this should automatically flash the files. just to be clear, TPT is different that a .zip ROM. iirc, it's in a folder called 'image' on the SD card, and about 6 files in total.
  15. yeah, im interested in the plain 'BLADE' one, unless a completely plain version is available prices and availability would be good (if known!).
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