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  1. Just sharing my expected solution for mSD card fomatation. :D I've deleted the 1 GB partition of 2GB microSD by mistake from Windows Disk Management . OMG ! :scared: inserted it in my Nokia 5200 .... Size shown was 872Mbs . Then I formatted from phone itself. and what! MIRACLE :D the card was back to 1.86GiB (~2GB) ....!!
  2. should I require then Indian official 6.1 rom or any other country rom will do ?
  3. needed pdaB7610DDIJ3 cscB7610INUIJ3 phoneB7610XXIJ4 versioned rom of wm6.1 for backup n warranty purpose ? unable to find it so ..... thank you for last few quick responses :)
  4. Hi Guys I have purchased B7610 on 5th July10 in Mumbai,India and from the same day I am searching for the Official Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional update from Samsung. I had bought this phone only because the box packaging had mentioned that it is "Updateable to WM 6.5" . If anyone here from India have updated it to 6.5official from any of the service centre do reply. If any link over the modaco's forum site i have forgotten to see or any other link which could provide me the official 6.5rom for the following PDA/CSC/PHONE versions repectively B7610DDIJ3/B7610INUIJ3/B7610XXIJ4 also please reply guys. Totally bored using slower wm6.1 over powerfull 800mHz proccessor. Help ! (sorry for bad english)
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