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  1. It's funny, your experience is exactly the opposite of my experience with WM devices (I've had a range of them, since the very first one came out in 2002 till this very phone you're writing about, the S710). WM was amazing when it came out, in 2002 even the colour screen was a bit of a novelty, but ever since there has hardly been any significant development to either the look or the functionality (things have just become more stable, and a little faster). I'm glad you have had a positive experience, mine was not so positive, including a phone that would never sync, deleted all my contacts when it finally did (I took a backup just in case this would happen) and for some reason doesn't turn off the back-light unless you lock the keys. I've recently switched to a BB Curve and it is the best phone I've ever owned. Bar not being able to replay DivX, it does everything WM does, but without having to resort to the registry every 5 minutes to change some obscure setting. It's faster than the s710 (my favourite was to open the keyboard and hear the sound-effect that *they* added break every time because it was so resource intensive), it's more stable and as you say, it just works! If I were you, or anybody deciding corporate devices, I would go for the BB Curve (or Bold). It makes WM look like Windows 95 after XP was released.
  2. The iPhone browser makes browsing with PIE a joke. And not a funny joke, one of those stupid jokes you get in Xmas crackers. But it's important to remember that even if PIE6 was the shizzle, the iPhone hardware (large, multi-touch screen) will always trump it. Also, you don't find many sites that are dedicated to the WM platform, while every major outlet now has a iPhone version, and obviously if you have a dedicated team to make a version of your site for a dedicated phone, that version of your site is going to be better than any that a silver bullet PIE will present. I joined this forum in 2002, a few months after Paul started it, and just when the first WM device came out on Orange. Back then the WM devices broke some serious ground (the features were years ahead of anything the competition had going). Today, after years of complacency (can you believe they've upgraded the browser ONCE since 2002?) and very stiff competition from both Symbian, OSX and soon Andriod, the days of the WM empire, my fellow members, look to be counted. It's as if Microsoft don't get it. They didn't get it with Push email (hence the Crackberry's remarkable popularity), and they haven't got it with a decent browser. I don't suppose they can afford to miss many more hurdles like this.
  3. I share your sentiments, friends, but three things have held me off running to O2 with cash in hand. 1. It's locked down like press freedom in North Korea, not just to the operator, and Apple, but also to iTunes and to the App Store. 2. You can't just drag and drop a few MP3s and DivX films you got from Mininova to enjoy on the train. 3. No keyboard. Take away the first two even, and I wave goodbye to Windows faster than Diana dumped Charles for Al-Fayed.
  4. Have a look at your connection settings, and compare them to the "official" settings for your network in the UK. Also, can you browse the web? It could be a problem with your mail server instead of the connection.
  5. Do Treos usually get picked up by UK networks? I seem to recall an Orange branded one back in the day, but that could just be my mind playing tricks with me...
  6. 1. You can't use PIE to log-in to the desktop version of Facebook as it uses certain portions of javascript that PIE doesn't understand. 2. There is no way of saving pictures on PIE. 3. This has nothing to do with what browser you pick, but rather a strange choice by the Facebook developers to limit the size of mobile pictures. 4. I haven't tested it, but there might very well be something to it. My pet peeve is that you cannot remove events from the mobile browser, and the pictures thing you mentioned. Also, why on earth isn't there a Facebook app for Windows Mobile like the one for the Crackberry? Makes me want to switch...
  7. Paul, how is the battery life? Also, how big is it? Could you grab a pic next to a HTC Vox or similar phone? And finally, how responsive is the wheel? Does it work as smoothly as say, an iPod? Thanks!
  8. Being a previous Orange customer and reading this post is kinda like hearing that your ex-girlfriend has become a crack addict: A feeling of pity and smugness mixed together.
  9. happy to work as a middle man for people outside the uk. my ebay profile is dearsina2. i won't charge anything either.
  10. It would be very cool if this app pulled data from the Facebook API, as most people put their birthdays up there, and I'm sure there is a handy API for extracting such data.
  11. This seems to be more hassle than it's worth for ~£30...
  12. Ultimately, if you sell 3x as much using Handango, you can expect them charging such a premium. Presumably they do advertising and marketing of their (and by proxy, your) online shop and bring in the business. It's not much different from the model applied by Hollywood. Lesson to be learned: The money is in distribution, folks.
  13. I'm not sure why Modaco has these (expletives removed) rules, and it's a shame that it's bending over backwards (or forwards more like it) to people who forget that if someone wants to get something that's on the internet, they'll find it, *particularly* if you work for Google or XDAdev. It's not like they'll log on to Modaco, find that a link to the file on rapidshare has been removed (without removing the actual file name), and stop their search there! Besides, anybody who has an interest in this file, will be able to get it for free from htc themselves! Anyway, ranting wasn't the reason I posted, I wanted to know, because a couple of people mentioned that you can now add words to the t9 dictionary, I was wondering if you could *remove* words from the dictionary, because that option doesn't seem to be (currently) available on the Vox.
  14. Paul, the future of the internet is heavily javascript dependent (Web 2.0 is essentially AJAX), so better javascript support would be on the top of my list.
  15. Paul, although I think it sounds a like a really fun thing to do, I'm afraid you'll find the route somewhat boring if you post it in the UK. It'll probably be very predictable roads between the following points: 1. Your local post office 2. Nearest sorting office to #1 3. Highway to #4 4. Sorting office nearest to destination 5. Recipients house
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