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  1. crockwit

    Let's throw a wild party for ninja hackers :-)

    The original Corvus (v0.5 I think)
  2. crockwit

    Let's throw a wild party for ninja hackers :-)

    I did not install any drivers and used a standard USB cable. Try out Fire Ants code posted above. Make sure you use the Corvus ROM Paul's did not work for me. Good luck.
  3. crockwit

    Let's throw a wild party for ninja hackers :-)

    Here is a tip for anyone using Eclipse to write code to control an Arduino. Download adbWireless (free from the market). Use this program to connect your Vega in adb mode before starting Eclipse. Eclipse can now load an apk to the Vega while the Vega is in host mode (ready to test the apk on the Arduino). This saves a lot of rebooting of the Vega.
  4. crockwit

    Let's throw a wild party for ninja hackers :-)

    I will have a look at Python for a start, I have just installed SL4A. No rush with the reading code I have enough new toys to keep me busy. Thanks again for your work.
  5. crockwit

    Let's throw a wild party for ninja hackers :-)

    I have just began to learn Arduino so I am still getting my head around all the basics. I started to learn a bit about android programming but gave up because I could not think of anything useful to write in it. I find Android a bit like Visual Basic, to much time spent with manuals. I am also struggling with XML. Anyway this will motivate me to have another attempt at learning Android. I have factored your writing code out into a seperate class and tested it with a simple button press app, it works fine. Are you going to be writing any code to allow reading data from the Arduino ?
  6. crockwit

    Let's throw a wild party for ninja hackers :-)

    Just tested with the Corvus ROM. It works ! Thanks for your help. I will have a play with it tonight.
  7. crockwit

    Let's throw a wild party for ninja hackers :-)

    The usb is in host mode, no other devices attached. results from dmesg regarding usb are <6>[ 1045.274640] usb 1-1: new full speed USB device using tegra-ehci and address 5 <6>[ 1045.353026] usb 1-1: New USB device found, idVendor=0403, idProduct=6001 <6>[ 1045.359889] usb 1-1: New USB device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumber=3 <6>[ 1045.367274] usb 1-1: Product: FT232R USB UART <6>[ 1045.372689] usb 1-1: Manufacturer: FTDI <6>[ 1045.376770] usb 1-1: SerialNumber: A800eGMG <6>[ 1045.386897] usb 1-1: configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice
  8. crockwit

    Let's throw a wild party for ninja hackers :-)

    But if you run my apk file and still nothing happens, your kernel doesn't come with the right modules. Though, in that case I can just send you the modules and you copy on your device. Please let me know how it goes.
  9. crockwit

    Let's throw a wild party for ninja hackers :-)

    I have managed to compile your code into an android project and run it on my Vega. The app runs ok (seekbars appear, no error messages) but does not control my arduino. I have tested the sketch and hardware by sending a test string ("0, 50;1, 50;2, 50;") from the serial console on the pc. It lit the leds as expected so I must assume the problem is with the android app. Is there any chance you could provide a complete android project for the code as I am not an experienced android programmer and I may have made a mistake creating the project. Thanks for the work you have done. Edit I am using an anduino duemilanove. My Vega is running Paul's 1.08 ROM
  10. crockwit

    Accelerator stopped working

    Run the Vega until the battery is flat then leave for an hour or so. When you plug it in to recharge it should be working. This is a known issue on phones where the cure is to remove the battery for a while. It seems to trigger a physical reset of something that controls the accelerometer. This worked for me months ago and I've not had a repeat of the problem. Good luck.
  11. crockwit

    ebook readers

    Anyone got hold of the Sony Reader app ? It will not list as an available app in the market and although it's on the Google market web page it will not download to the Vega.
  12. crockwit

    Accelerometer has packed in :(

    Discharging the battery down then leaving it for an hour seems to have fixed it. My son in law says it happens with phones and the fix is to remove the battery for a while. God knows why it happens ?
  13. crockwit

    Accelerometer has packed in :(

    Did you get this sorted out ?. My accelerometer seems to have died. I am going to try running the battery down (worked for someone in another thread) then its the call centre.
  14. For anyone struggling to get app2sd to work here is a possible solution. Backup all of your user apps using Titanium Backup. Use the app2sd app to move any apps you have on the SD card to the device. If you run out of space on the device the apps remaining on the SD card must be uninstalled. You should now have no apps on the SD card. Mount the SD card on your computer and examine the contents of the folder ".android_secure" it should contain files referring to the apps you had installed on the SD card. Remove (or move to the computer, to be on the safe side) the folder .android_secure This must be done with the SD card mounted on a PC because android will not allow you to remove this folder. Reboot your device (may not be needed). You should now be able to move your apps back to the SD card without needing multiple key presses. Restore any uninstalled apps using Titanium Backup. Move the restored apps to SD card. I think the problems we are having with apps2sd are bugs within the Android system of moving apps to the SD card and nothing to do with any particular ROM we have installed.
  15. I have had this problem with other releases. My theory is that if the app has previously been moved to the SD card the next time you try move it finds the previous copy and fails to move. If you re-press the move to SD card button it will move the app to the card. I have not found any apps that fail to move after the second attempt. I do not think this is anything to do with the r7 release.

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