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  1. jamoiholland

    Sold Elsewhere

    Sold elsewhere
  2. jamoiholland

    Sold Elsewhere

    https://zoloaudio.com/pages/liberty_seriesIncludes full set of unused Gripfit covers. Sweatproof, noise isolation, Bluetooth 5.0, great battery life. Only selling as my earphones/headphones buying addiction has gone too far!In great condition, original case, box etc. Any questions please ask! Photos: https://plus.google.com/photos/115181355907176450131/album/6571132737009309185?authkey=CJekzoi4iOK1Hw&sqid=107058447136865257379&ssid=caa00509-5a91-4e70-aeba-24616f9fa12a
  3. jamoiholland

    Sold Elsewhere

    Sold Elsewhere
  4. jamoiholland

    Xiaomi Xiao Yi Smart camera review

    Mine arrived today. I can login to the app ok (had a Xiaomi account already in case that helped). However, the camera light for me goes from orange flashing to blue flashing, but never blue solid to confirm the QR code was scanned ok. How does the non-QR option ("WiFi Config") work? I get the "Search Camera" screen with animated circles and a 100 second countdown timer, nothing happened... Somehow I missed the bit about not using 5Ghz wifi. The QR code now works and the blue light went solid. Took a few minutes after that, then the camera showed up in the app, and the camera firmware is now updating...and it's now all online! :-)
  5. jamoiholland

    Ask MoDaCo - the Samsung Galaxy Alpha

    Any idea on battery life gents, or too early to tell?
  6. jamoiholland

    Android stalwart tries iPhone

    Herein lies the problem! I've got money ready to buy a new Android phone that's around 130mm x 65mm (with the largest screen they can fit in there) with high end specs including a decent camera. That doesn't exist right now, so I'll have to carry on with the Moto G and take my work iPhone 5c with me for the camera, and carry two devices all day :(
  7. jamoiholland

    Android stalwart tries iPhone

    This is scarily close to my experiences! I didn't even go as large as the HTC One M7, that was too big for me. RAZR i and Moto G have been my most recent Android phones, both Motorola interestingly. I had big hopes for the Z1c as the first "phone sized phone" in years to have decent top end specs, but was massively disappointed in the camera so moved it on. The iPhone 5c takes better photos 95% of the time than any Android device out there. However, iOS is just a bit too simple, notifications are pitiful, I too miss the notification LED, and Android just gives you choice of things like which keyboard to use, which email or web browser app to use by default, using a plain old mp3 file as a ringtone and not spending 15 minutes going through an iTunes hack! Big hopes for the Z2c, although the Z2 camera has had mixed reviews so maybe my hopes are misplaced. The HTC One Mini 2 has garbage specs, especially at launch price, and isn't really "mini" at all! Maybe the SGS5 Mini could steal the show, but it would need to be better value than the SGS4 Mini was, and would also need to be actually "mini" i.e. somewhere near 65mmx130mm - because let's face it, the chassis size counts if you like "phone sized phones", and after that chassis size you just hope the manufacturer can fit the biggest screen possible within that chassis.
  8. jamoiholland

    MoDaCo Mobile Week Episode 43 - IFA madness

    I was using the RSS link from the episode 42 page on modaco.com, but now I've done the search method you suggested and it works, thanks!
  9. jamoiholland

    MoDaCo Mobile Week Episode 43 - IFA madness

    Would love mainstream phones to have dual SIM options, predominantly for the personal/work consolidated device idea that Paul mentions. Hate carrying two devices. Yes BYOD is around for some employees, but it can be quite intrusive depending on the type of MDM solution in use and the policy set by the employer. P.S. Still no joy in Pocket Casts using RSS, sees no episodes, still having to revert to BeyondPod. Is that just me? (Both on Android btw!)
  10. Awesome!! Presumed my Vivacity was dead after too much "mucking around" with ROMs and recoveries, but now it's back in the game :-D
  11. jamoiholland

    Huawei Ascend Y100 only £24.99

    Same as a custom ROM though, anything out of the ordinary that has chance of backfiring or require use of app2SD or similar every time something gets installed just doesn't fly with non-geeks, and will only create me hassle later on, hence I was after the stock/normal experience
  12. jamoiholland

    Huawei Ascend Y100 only £24.99

    Meh, thought this might be a nice one for a family member, on the stock Huawei ROM, but just unboxed, tried to update the pre-installed apps, and it is already out of space :-S Why do I keep buying these cheap devices when the tiny internal storage space for apps almost always bites! Will have to give this a go, but always nervous giving devices to family members with customs ROMs, as any niggling bugs will come back to me for support!
  13. jamoiholland

    Jelly Bean for Xperia smartphones list revealed

    If you compare Sony to Sony for updates (last 18 months only) then it seems harsh by them, but remember how bad some other manufacturers are in comparison. Personally I found the Ray as good as unusable when bumped up to ICS on stock, so Jelly Bean probably is a step too far for that device in particular. O2 didn't even allow the ICS update on the Ray and other devices, as it performed so badly they thought it would just generate a shed load of support calls from unhappy users! Maybe Sony are using the "user experience" tag to mask the fact that they don't want to spend development time on Jelly Bean for these phones, an activity that doesn't directly generate any revenue at the end of the day. Maybe some indirect revenue is generated from users knowing Sony "always does latest updates" and hence they would buy from Sony again, but that goodwill probably doesn't outweigh the development costs. </2p>
  14. jamoiholland

    Huawei Y300 revealed, dual core, dual sim Android 4.1

    Dunno, I'd quite to run dual SIM (work and personal) and so far most dual SIM devices have lacked on specs compared to single SIM flagships. This isn't flagship standard of course, but closer than previous dual SIM efforts...
  15. jamoiholland

    Cloud Music Players, are they all that?

    Could not agree more. Have sent my iTunes-managed 11,500 tracks (97GB) to GM, but can't ditch iTunes because I can't replace the auto playlist feature, as my auto playlists are based on all the 5 star levels, and simple thumbs up and thumbs down doesn't cut it for me. I dislike needing a permanent connection, but can get over that by having some of the playlists/albums/etc "made available offline" in the Android client, that's fine. If GM has been around over a year (wow, didn't realise that) then I can't help but feel it should have matured and progressed more by now...

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