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  1. I bought an OSD soon after Glossywhites post singing its praises. Mine has so far suffered from 2 hair line cracks. I appreciated glossywhites attempts to provide contacts at the orange executive call centre which unfortunately would not assist me. I dont understand glossywhites stance now. In my opinion he should leave the situation alone. He has got rid of the phone and not everybody has the same problems. I have an iphone 3gs which has a cracked back from the charge point. I have never dropped it and it is a design fault and glued together. That phone cost much more than my osd but I'm not moaning all day long on the apple forums. At the end of the day the situation with some aspects of the build is unacceptable but it cant be changed now. Any hardware faults are generally treated by user mistreatment by All operators. Continuing to moan will only get you down. Time to leave it now, everybody has a good idea of your point of view. All the best
  2. Ive tried all manner of apn settings including those sent via text from tmobile. It isnt a phone issue its the sim because it transfers to my Huawei G300 too. I can download and do speed tests when the bars are grey but I cant use utter and opera pops up messages after loading a page saying there isnt a network connection. Customer services cant help so my only real option is to ditch tmobile and port my number back to orange.
  3. Hi, I've fitted a tmobile sim in my old and am having weird network issues. The phone works fine for calls and texts and can connect to the Internet. However, the reception bar and have indicator rarely turns orange and when it is only grey certain apps report a lack of network connection. Any idea what could be causing this? I've checked the apn settings and they appear correct. Cheers
  4. I wouldnt phone them if I were you. I was very polite when I called and they were very insistent that they can only assist if you have first gone through and exhausted all other channels. They tried to get me to reveal how I had come by their number so they could stop it being used.
  5. I got knocked back and told I could only call them if I had gone through ofcom first They were very nice but I need to take it to the shop, sent for repair, be accused of breaking it myself, raise a complaint through orange and then beyond orange to ofcom to get a reference number that can be used at the executive office. Or I can call back Monday and see if glossy whites personal contact can help. Obviously I didn't mention names etc today Don't want to get anyone in trouble
  6. It is fully cracked across the plastic in exactly the same point as highlighted in the original post by glossywhite. The plastic now flexes when i press the volume button and im concerned that it will weaken due to fatigue at the opposite end and i will lose the whole piece of plastic beside the switch. I just returned from a store where they admitted they could see the problem but stated thatbit would likely be returned from repair claiming i had broken it. I mentioned this thread and glossywhites's advice to call the executive office and they suggested this to be the best way forward. I'll call Monday and hope the contact is available
  7. Had mine three weeks and it now has the same tiny crack around the volume button. Is the crack likely to grow and cause big issues?
  8. I take a photo using voice commands using Utter and tasker combined
  9. i just called the executive number. they are indeed very helpful and very friendly. i explained my problem politely and they have reimbursed me a further £10 which they used to provide my missing data bundle. i asked if i could get an unlock code but was informed i needed to wait 6 months and pay £20.42. the lady i think was kirsty. she was so nice i didnt want to push the matter further.
  10. Bonkers! After speaking to the normal customer services number they have been good enough to reimburse me £7.85 of my lost £10. However, they didn't say how I would know when my data kicks in. I just downloaded a 3mb app over 3g to test if data is enabled and it has taken over £1.50 of my credit. How much do they charge for data!!!!? I certainly hope that on Monday the executive number can provide an I unlock code and I can put a Giffgaff sim in. Failing that it will be going straight onto Tmobile
  11. I will give the number a ring and see what happens. Many thanks
  12. I think I have had the same experience. I bought a osd yesterday morning. It took two attempts, in the first EE store the osd I was buying died before they cold pass it me. In the second store the last osd they had, had a battery so dead it won't turn on. I bought it anyway with £10 top up on the dolphin package. At 3pm it was surprised to find I was out of credit. I had to call Orange from my other phone because without credit I couldn't call them from the osd. It turns out that the 1gb of data can take 3 days to be enabled, so by turning on the phone and setting up my google account it had used all my £10 credit. How stupid is that? I wasn't told I didn't have data and the only way I can test that it is there is to try to connect to something. If data package isn't enable it automatically eats any credit I have put on. It's a stupid system. Even now over 1.5 days later I don't have data and no credit either. Also I can't seem to get my NFC tags that work with my Nexus 7 to work properly either. When can I get an unlock for the SIM?
  13. I bought a refurbished Xperia U from O2 online. After 7 weeks it stopped working and wouldn't boot. It was running a bit slow so I did a soft reboot but it wouldn't come back on. After being sent for repair it has been found that a very small component on the PCB has come loose and is therefore no repairable. It is claimed this is due to excessive force. The phone is like new, no scratches dents, chips or even surface marks. I have never dropped it or abuse it. The loose component is not associated with a port or switch etc and is behind several layers of internals (battery, screen, PCB etc). Would you consider it possible to damage an internal component without an external signs of damage? This isn't a big chip or anything just something that to me looks like a small contact. I have photos if anybody is interested
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