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  1. Had my Virgin media package upgraded to include a TiVo box for two reasons on Thursday last. 1. The Sky HD box is starting to hiccup. i suspect its because (surprise, surprise) i turned down their additional warranty as the initial warranty has expired recently. 2. The shoddy introduction of Sky Go on android. Seriously, why should i have to fork out for an iOS device purely to get the full benefits from my subscription? Does Apple pay Sky a premium to support iOS fully and screw 95% of Android owners? All i ask is the same value for money for everyone but Sky arent interested in that. If they do eventually see sense and stop being pathetic, I'll use my Dad's account as he never uses the Sky Go features anyway. In the meantime, gonna enjoy cancelling my subscription.
  2. What baseband are people using with this CM9 build? I've tried the v20q 725BB but calls just end before they even dial. Gone back to trusty 502BB but I'm getting failed SMS on that one now.
  3. Sky and Apple in bed together here or what? What a load of old pony. Might just make the jump to Virgin TV if I can't actually use Sky Go anyway.
  4. So HTC Flyer owners have had an official viewer for OnLive for quite a while now and ive been hunting round but it seems no-one`s ported it to the Xoom yet, even though the Xoom is one of the tablets that OnLive are using to showcase the final player app. Anyone found a port yet so I can see what all the fuss is about? Failing that, anyone got any rumours about when the tablet version of OnLive might actually go live in the UK?
  5. Okey dokey....thanks for clearing that up.;)
  6. Anyone wanna throw me some cash? Only reason I ask is that without it, I'm stuck with this 2X until next Xmas otherwise.........:sad panda: :angry::angry::angry:
  7. No doubt a silly question to most of you but I've always wondered and just need clarification once and for all if someone would be so kind. Only reason I ask is that I switch regularly between CM7 and other ROMs and a baseband that works well on one doesn't necessarily run optimised on others as most of you will know. So, if I save a NAND backup of a CM7 ROM with baseband 502 and one with MoDaCo Gr4 ROM on BB 725...I still need to flash the required baseband after each restore, don't I ? That is all.................Thanks.:P
  8. OK, I restored my previous ROM, turned off SIM lock and re-wiped and re-installed Gr2 and now I don't get cell connection at all but the settings tell me the SIM lock is still on. Could this be an incompatible baseband issue cos I'm using the 725BB with accompanying RIL?
  9. Does this require the SIM toolkit if I have SIM PIN lock on? I ask because on initial boot it doesn't ask for the PIN and subsequently, I don't get cell connection.....:rolleyes:
  10. Never said anything about the rom. It's obviously a hardware issue. I'm just hoping someone had something simulate and somehow solved it themselves. Regards.
  11. Phone seemed fine until earlier when the volume just decided to go right down and it started vibrating. I restarted it and now I'm stuck at recovery as the volume rocker seems to be stuck from the inside. The rocker switch seems to work ok but it's as if the volume is stuck in the down position so that whenever I get into the recovery menu, the cursor just goes loopy as if the vol down is being held. Has anyone heard of such a thing before and recovered from it or is it a warranty repair job? Also, any tips on how to RUU the handset in this state? Any help greatly appreciated.
  12. Tried 3 times now and it just keeps telling me my entry can't be processed at this time, try again later.
  13. Are you able to get into recovery from a battery pull?
  14. Am giving serious thought to getting the O2X tomorrow if it's in stock and after thumbing briefly through this thread, can I assume that the handset is being carrier locked and filled with the usual junk that carriers like Orange UK and Vodafone UK love to add? Can I also assume that we have carrier unlock and root with at least the possibility of custom ROMs now? Forgive my naivety but I'm still relatively new to the Android platform but I'm trying to pick it up as I go. Ta......
  15. The proximity sensor fix has been around ages and is widely known about. A proper search would bring it up quite easily. "Blow on the proximity sensor rather hard." You should find the problem is solved.
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