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  1. Don`t you guys think that Modaco has released TOO MANY roms for the wildfire? I mean, there are so many of them, with great kitchens, that I can`t make up my mind which one to install first.
  2. Too bad Video recording is s*** and FM radio is missing in action.
  3. All phones rooted with Unrevok3d, having clockwork recovery mod suffer from this issue, even mine, but I don`t care about it. I never charged a phone while it was off (this or any other phone I ever had) I am using the same recovery that is available on Unrevok3d.
  4. You need to bake it. Please note that there are problems with the default lockscreen Check my page 2 post with a screenshot and note that you CAN NOT USE the HTC Clock alarm feature. It will ring but you won`t be able to stop it, the Snooze/Dismiss windows will not appear.
  5. THis is a known problem in ClockWork Recovery Mod. THis doesn`t affect phones that don`t have clockwork mod installed. (aka unrooted) Known problem when removing the HTC lockscreen and using HTC clock alarm feature. To avoid this either flash an AOSP ROM, or keep the lockscreen, or use another alarm app from the market.
  6. I cooked a ROM with the new Adobe Reader (that works beautifully) and I removed the HTC lockscreen:
  7. I baked a ROM, removing only Sense, Lockscreen and Peep, I copied it to the sd card, went in recovery, did a nandroid back-up, cleaned the cache, flashed the new zip and it worked, but it crashed at the end of the set-up (the one with the wireless networks and accounts. from that point on, I could only see the top notification bar, the rest of the screen being black. I pushed the off button and pushed it again to turn on the screen and I was greeted by the lockscreen (it looks good, but the gray and green circles are WAY TOO big, maybe it`s a problem with Wildfire`s low res screen) I Unlocked the screen and I could only see the white screen with green HTC letters. I let it sit for 20 minutes and nothing. So I reentered in Recovery and flashed the already cooked ROM with MoDaCo setting and it works well. It`s a problem on my side? Also I can`t install Google Goggles... always getting stuck at 28% downloading.
  8. Hey, First, let me thank you for all the work you have done. Second: it states: "Added option to use stock lock screen instead of HTC version" so If I unckeck the HTC Lockscreen option in the kitchen will I get the default Android lockscreen with drag left and right? or does it just remove the HTC theme and I still need to swipe up and down? Like so:
  9. On XDA you said that you`ll see into adding an option to remove the HTC lockscreen and restoring the default one.... How`s that going?
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