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  1. simon.n.jonez

    amico advice

    does anyone know if its possible to get flash to install on the amico.i know its a crappy slow tablet but a friend bought one and he is having trouble with it,sorry if this is the wrong place for it but i couldnt find anywhere else to put it and they are both advent>
  2. simon.n.jonez

    Vega Screen Broken - how to login

    use a mouse and keyboard
  3. simon.n.jonez

    Touchscreen Problems.

    is that the official dock your using,if so HOW?
  4. simon.n.jonez

    New System Image (14/12/2010)

    http://www.myadventvega.co.uk/Adobe_Flash_...nt_13-12-10.pdf here is why no flash
  5. simon.n.jonez

    advent vega - printing

    i know its off topic buy how awesome is touch graphites pic.....VEEEEGAAAAA
  6. simon.n.jonez

    will a MIFI dongle work?

    i got one and it works perfect.
  7. simon.n.jonez

    vega recalled?

    i doubt they would release a case and then recal it the same day.the guys on twitter seem to know what theyre on about,ive msgd them and asked anyway,will post when i get a reply.hope it dont have to go,im loving my vega,cant wait to get some different roms on it, my name is simon and im a flash addict
  8. simon.n.jonez

    vega recalled?

    what about that guy who posted about his power cable messing with the electrics in his house,thats the only case ive heard of though
  9. simon.n.jonez

    multi touch

    theres only one way to find out for certain.....PAUUUUUUL, how many multi touch points we got
  10. simon.n.jonez

    multi touch

    has anyone else tested the multitouch capabilities of theyre vega,i used touch test off the market and am only getting 2 points,i thought it was supposed to have 4.
  11. simon.n.jonez

    Favourite Vega apps

    anyone got google maps working,mine started off okay buy now it wonk zoom to where i want it and just glitches on a random place with half the screen white
  12. simon.n.jonez

    Favourite Vega apps

    Anyone able to get the facebook ant twitter apps working.
  13. simon.n.jonez

    Viewing angle

    just installed adwlauncher,screen upside down is the way to go.far better looking angle.
  14. simon.n.jonez

    Viewing angle

    i was thinking the same thing last night,couldnt get my browser to flip though why watching 8 out of ten cats on youtube.any ideas,would adw launcher make a difference
  15. simon.n.jonez

    Problems with ADB after official 1.04 update?

    i cant get any driver to install for it

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