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  1. Has anybody tried, the new ROM's, they are looking very cool. But I am wondering about how much the battery stays? And I had previus Energy, can you install the samsung self rotation screen and samsung app? If you can, can I get the links for it. I know that speed and smothnees means a lot for you, but for me also the battery is important because sometime I am in work for 24h and I can't recharged my mobile. So please for information about how long the mobile stay with full battery. Thank's all for your answers and help Best regards
  2. what is the rom all the crashing. how should i solve the batterie emptying? right now i turn off and on my phone and on start dissepired 10% of batterie?
  3. Hello My coworker have HTC HD and he went to savna. After living the savna he put his mobile bettwen towel which was wet. Now the light on upper side of phone the light after turning on doesn't stop shining. What could be wrong? Should i carry my phone to serviser or can i fixed at home? BR P
  4. Ok now this rotation is ql. Now I wonder why my batteries go so fast. I charged today till 13:15 and now at 15:33 is already on 87%. My preformance is on normal. Some program is eating my batteries, even original ROM was more frendly to batteries. Thank to all which try to help me. Rom is very great, and eye candy. BR Peca
  5. Ok my Wi-fi and GPRS is now working thanks. But for rotating is this very unuseful, because i write SMS in landscape mode because of bigger buttons, and I only turn my phone, now you need to turn it by your self and this is extra time and not so smooth. I think that original SMS look is much nicer, than this HTC look, and also a replay button doesn't work in SMS app. The rest is very nice and smooth for now
  6. Hello now I have installed the right Energy ROM with your help. It is very beautiful ROM, but i only wonder why my omnia does't turn in landscape mode while writing an sms? (by her self like on original)? Also my WI-FI is not working any more, I can connect to my home router but I cant surf on my phone? BR Peca
  7. Thanks now I am downloading this ROM maybe I will install it this weekend, I will let you know.... I was installing ROM from link on first page Link so it's wrong But how do I set my GPRS settings (maybe because of this ROM my GPRS didnt work)? BR Peca_slo
  8. Hello I had a very big problem... After installing the Energy ROM to my Omnia, I couldnt get the home screen like on first page, with clock, weather, shortcut's and hotkeys in the bottom. I only get some wird list of pictures, internet, phone.... and stuff. It was very hard to get in the ordinary manu. Can anybody help me with this solution... how to get start menu like it's on first page, because now I'm back to ordinary WM with SPB Shell. All installation was going great. Oh yes and after installing this ROM my mobile provider GPRS also stopped working and I don't know how to set it back... Please help, and if you will I need detailed instructions
  9. How can i make this kind of home screen. I have something strange i don't have weather in front and 3 row stuff... Please help
  10. Hello I have tried to find out solution form my problem. I'm an owner of Omnia 2, and when I put some pictures on my phone which I could later use as background picture everything goes wrong. When I tried to set background on original settings is ok. Then I installed SPB Shell which have good looking, and some stuff better that ordinary (shortcut). But the look of background is killing me, than I tried to set the same picture, like on ordinary OS it wouldn't go. The half of picture is missing and it look very offul B). Can anybody help me how to adjust the picture so if the size of picture is 240x320 would go on background perfactly. And also where can I find some free apps and games for my Omnia 2 Thanks all for your help Peca_slo
  11. Maybe stupid question, but anyway :rolleyes: . This ROM Energy which I was also looking for next ROM on my cellfone is using SPB or not?
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