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  1. Howdy, Been a long time, back on a WMD after having been on a BB for the last year :D I'm using the HTC touch dual, but it seems really quiet when in a call, i've whacked the volume up as far as it will go, and its still really really quiet... Any ideas?
  2. Ive decerted it using the OTA app http://developer.orangews.com/orgspv/comdef.aspx
  3. --------------------------- RAPI error --------------------------- Unknown error -2147467259 in read operation --------------------------- OK --------------------------- When I try to use the SIM unlock...
  4. From what I can see this should work actually. I will get one and let you guys know. The nice thing is that all i'll have to do is swap out the unit I installed for my 6310i, no fiddling about with the gromit \o/ You gotta love standardisation!
  5. I have the proper car kit for my 6310i, and I'm looking for something similar for my C550. I was just wondering if anyone knows for sure if the Nokia CK-7W bluetooth carkit works with the C500? Being bluetooth one would imagine that it should work universally with any phone, but can someone say for sure that it does? Cheers ;)
  6. Ah theres a space after the 44, its something outlook has added automatically. Is there anyway I can tidy all of them up in one go?
  7. All my numbers are already in international format and it doesnt work, tried experiemting with all sorts of combinations, wondering if its just not something Orange support?
  8. I'll be giving this a try when I get back home, been wanting to get this setup for ages.
  9. Tried calling the Orange answer phone last night, it sat there for a while saying "calling...", hung up, tried calling again and it came up with "please wait...". Couldnt place any other calls, had to restart the phone (most annoying!)
  10. Right, Recently got myself a C550, I make a large number of business calls from my mobile, and as such have orange permanently hiding my caller id (as my Nokia 6310i couldnt do it properly). Now ive asked them to remove the block as the C550 has the shiny function of only supplying my caller id if someone is in my phonebook (or so I thought...) There are 3 options as I see it; Provide my caller ID to: 1. Everyone - when this is set everyone is getting the caller id. 2. No one - obviously its with holding it. 3. Only my contacts - its still with holding it, regardless if the person is in my contacts list or not... I really would like option 3 to work, has anyone else had this problem? Cheers!
  11. hk


    Well its been a long time since I popped my head in here to see whats going on. A lot has changed, very impressed, the community has really grown somewhat. Reason for my reappearance? Well thinking of getting an SPV again, its that wonderful time where Orange give me stuff for free. Thinking either a C550 now, and sell the PDA, or wait till December and I can get either an M5000, 2000, 1500. Dont really know a lot about any of those, so your help would be good. Which would you think? Consider, I had SPV after SPV when Monolithix got me into them, and they were great for a while, then started crashing and being unreliable so I returned to my trusty 6310i (which is a rocking phone). Now however I am getting fed up of carrying the PDA and phone around (knew it would happen sooner or later!). Would be nice if the phone had wifi, but not that important, just as long as TomTom works on it, and it syncs with outlook properly, i'm happy. Being able to VPN to the exchange box would be nice too ;)
  12. Lol, so essentially you get all members to market modaco like mofos and you give the 5 best ideas a prize. Now that is a GENIOUS idea, nicely done there sir.
  13. hk

    Parkour video....

    Start out small, and keep hammering a jump till you nail it. I can do the wall flip, used to do it when I lived with Monolithix. Too out of practise now, want to get back up to that kinda stage :)
  14. hk

    Parkour video....

    If you dont know what Parkour is, have a gander at www.urbanfreeflow.com (everyone must have seen Jump London). Anyway, finally got round to taking the video camera out with me on a training run, so heres a video file. Title: HamleshMotah_MiniPK1.avi Size: 11.91 MB Runtime: 59 seconds Link: http://www.hamleshmotah.com/html/modules.p...op=getit&lid=30 If you'd like to post any comments about it, see www.hamleshmotah.com Feedback / Flaming / Whatever welcome
  15. Thanks for the help man, its still working shiny fine :)
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