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  1. One thing I noted tho is that I always have to re-enter my credentials for Trackball Alert Pro as if it didn't stick.
  2. Unless I'm daft, I can't seem to make Trackball Alert Pro to work, at least for the notifications I tried out (Google Talk). After entering the email and codes to activate the application, I still have a Patch option in the menu as if the systeme isn't patched yet for it. Any idea or insights?
  3. Thanks! I like this ROM a lot and prefer it to the default Sense UI I got with my Desire Z. That being said, as I previously said elsewhere, I'm missing out the English (Canada) and French (Canada) locales. I understand that with MoreLocale 2 I can set my locale to anything I want but it'd be nice if the default ROM had more than English and Spanish in there. Is it possible to add those in the next build or maybe via the Kitchen?
  4. Quick question, when using this ROM on a Bell Desire Z, do I still keep all the frequencies used on the Bell network? Especially their HSPA+?
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