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  1. Hi xside, Could you do just the colorized icons for RLS7, please? Would be much appreciated. Cheers :)
  2. That's it, excellent! Thanks again for taking the time to do this for us. You are da' man! :D
  3. WOW, that was quick! Only thing is, when I tried it the circle battery is not there, sorry. I just flashed it over the previous mod. Is that OK? Anyone else tried it? Thanks again DarkCrono :)
  4. That's great, thanks very much. Any chance you could do one with the clock in the centre? I know that's a bit cheeky! :P Cheers
  5. Hi DarkCrono, I really like this little mod, but is there a way I could get the circle battery indicator on as well? Thanks for the great work!
  6. Hi folk's, I have a minor problem with this ROM (maybe all 2.3 ROMs), in that the Balance Notification window that pops up after a call or SMS using giffgaff no longer makes a sound. It used to with my old 2.2 ROM, but now it's silent. I know this is pretty minor, I'm just curious. Is there a setting somewhere to enable the sound? Other than that it's a great ROM. Thanks again to Konsta :)
  7. I've recently discovered the UOT Kitchen website. It's great, you can customise the battery icon to whatever you want and lots more. Give it a try! :) Ultimate Online Theme Kitchen
  8. Hi mrz_hun, I had a similar battery drain problem, but discovered that the phone wasn't going into deep sleep mode. Maybe that's your problem. The easy way to tell is if you can wake the phone with the hard keys (home/menu/back). Remember to wait about 10 seconds after the screen has gone off before try this. If the phone does wake up you must have something running which is preventing deep sleep. Try un-installing apps or widgets one-by-one until you find the culprit. In my case it was a clock widget causing the problem. All working fine now after getting rid of it. Hope this helps. :)
  9. Thanks, that's what I wanted to hear ;). Too lazy to re-install all those apps! Can anyone confirm the built-in cache wipe? I'll give it a go tomorrow. Need zzzzzzzzzz now. Thanks again.
  10. Hi folks, Just to confirm, is it OK to update from RLS3 to 4B with just a cache wipe, not a full wipe? BTW, thanks for the great work Konsta T. This is my first 2.3 ROM after months of SSpring RLS5 and it's so much smoother. Angry Birds is much more playable (yes, I'm still playing it!). Thanks for any help. Cheers :)
  11. As nobody else seems to have thanked you for this I will, cheers! The icons are a great improvement on the dull stock jobs. I hate to be fussy, but could the green colour be made to match the other indicators? Thanks again :)
  12. I installed 10.2 and it seems to work on sites other than iPlayer. I keep getting the message 'this content doesn't seem to be working - please try later'. Anyone know why? Thanks for any help. Cheers! :) OSF Gen1 with Swedish Spring RL5, standard browser.
  13. Thanks for the reply, unrandomsam. If you wanted to try them, how do you do it? And is it worth it? I was interested in getting rid of the lag on Angry Birds. I have an early OLED Gen1 San Fran. Cheers :D
  14. Hi craggs and other sufferers, I think you are right about this happening to more people than they realise. I've noticed it for a while when the phone seemed to take ages to charge up. It was this exact problem were the phone drops down to USB charging mode (low current) even from a mains charger. I now use an widget called 'Minimalistic Text' which can be configured to display the charging mode on screen without having to go into phone status etc. For me it seems to occur more if I've been using a lot of apps during the day. If I go into Task Manager and stop some of them it seems to cure the problem. Sometimes a reboot is the only cure. Maybe it's a memory issue or something, I don't know. B****y annoying though! :D Cheers :D
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