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  1. I just got my i9300 a few days ago, but I had this problem with my Wifi always scanning and switching back to data all the time them I found this "solution" by looking around and try differents things. Finally I saw something (can't remember where) about WIFI Power save mode so I found the dial code to acces it and dissabling it solve all my problems, but it has to be done after every reboot, so if someone nows how to make it stick that'll be great. Here' what I do in order to "temporarily" dissable it after each reboot just dial *#0011# that will bring you to ServiceMode page, then hit menu and you'll be in the Wifi information page where you can see the Wifi Power Save Mode option that you can enable oe disable. Disable it and hit back to quit and your wifi should be back on and stay. Hope this can help someone. Sorry for my english.
  2. Would be so nice nice to finally get something earlier, because I would certainly have to wait a lot longer to get it here in Canada. So THANKS a lot for the opportunity.
  3. Just Google it or go to eBay you'll be able to get one for 5-10$ easily. As for Samsung I can't see how they can tell.
  4. No there is no need to reflash or anything like that, I've just put it in it went to download counter was reset, reboot and no more triangle. I'm not 100% sure how it does it but it does and I've never seen it since the first time I've use it, even if I've made a lot of changes since.
  5. If it can be of any help. A usb JIG does remove the triangle, it also also reset rom count and it can be use to get in download mode instead of the home+power+vol down sequence. Just put it in place when the phone is off and it will wake it up and go to download mode.
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