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  1. I tried updating 17/10 to 08/11 and for me it feels "sticky". Its not as responsive and the screen is slow to open after sleeping. reverted to 17/10 and then had a problem with android.phone.com stopping and eventually had to factory reset - all OK now.
  2. Link2Int assumes the default drive is the SD card, CM10.2 defaults to the internal 2 gig
  3. forget it and move on Daz - from what I can understand after reading IRC I dont see how you could have prevented it its what you dont know that kills you ! many thanks for all your work - its appreciated
  4. it doesnt have some of the performance options of standard CM10.2, but generally seems snappier no problems so far thank you for your efforts Dazz
  5. flashed 20131013 via the updater and had problems with root/superuser. Tasker wouldnt start and adaway, rom toolbox and some functions of titanium backup not working. so reverted.
  6. it defaults to the internal 2 gig, most of my apps worked fine, some needed the files on the SDcard moved to the 2 gig, some needed to be told where the files were.
  7. I wouldnt use his version because it swaps the storage, which this rom has already done you could try the normal version from playstore as this might let you choose whether to use internal, 2Gig, or SDcard
  8. this is the first 4.3 rom with a battery life anything like ICS only issue is the default to sdcard0 - the internal 2 Gig had to move files from the sd card because some apps expect them on sdcard0 otherwise seems excellent
  9. I guess its so apps that dont need to be on internal storage will be installed into the 2Gig space rather than the SD card
  10. I just love talking to myself !
  11. Wugfresh worked fine with no problems
  12. having done some more research I have more or less decided to use Wugfresh as it saves me the trouble of making sure I have all the right files I would appreciate if anyone disagrees to let me know thanks .. Mike
  13. just got my shiny new Nexus 4 any advice on the best way of rooting please - Android 4.3 ? thanks .. Mike
  14. just got my shiny new Nexus 4 any advice on the best way of rooting please - Android 4.3 ? thanks .. Mike
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