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  1. =WBG=Cpt_Custard

    rooting Galaxy s

    Just got my new galaxy this morning and im trying to root it but no matter what i try it wont work. Ive tried the one click root over at XDA but no joy. Is there anything else i can try? heres some info from the about phone section Model number : GT-I9000 Firmware version : 2.3.3 Baseband version : I9000BUJV3 Kernel version : [email protected] 103 #2 Build number : GINGERBREAD.BUJV9
  2. IVe just installed 2.2 on my phone ( r12-update-modacocustomrom-blade-kitchen-unsigned ) however all of a sudden i cant use my keyboard...as soon as I press one letter it shuts down the keyboard. has anyone else had this? is there a fix
  3. =WBG=Cpt_Custard

    keyboard problem

    I have just put Froyo 2.2 on my san fran but it has the gingerbread keyboard ( ie shows ABC , DEF, etc ) instead of being a qwerty keyboard like the standar ROM. Is there any way of getting the normal ROM keyboard style back as I hate this one.
  4. =WBG=Cpt_Custard

    replacment screen

    Does anyone know where I can get a replacement screen for my phone from. I was applying a new protector on the screen this evening and as i pressed it down the outer screen has cracked and spidered out :mellow: :o . It looks horrible now but luckily it works fine ( for now )
  5. =WBG=Cpt_Custard

    SatNav on the SanFran

    so im a post who**e lol....but mine are genuine
  6. =WBG=Cpt_Custard

    SatNav on the SanFran

    Ive gotta say the Aura and iGO are my personal favourite.....as long as you download the maps in WiFi mode and just use the GPS ( not server assisted ) then it wont cost you anything. I can pm you the Aura if you would like as its on a small APK file Theres another dissucsion on the Aura satnav on these boards over at http://android.modaco.com/content/zte-blad...e/#entry1489027
  7. Try www.parcel2go.com I've used them loads of times....i built a clan member a pc and sent it to poland for only £19.95 inc blood money
  8. =WBG=Cpt_Custard

    Saving apps into Card

    Is there a way to do this WITHOUT flashing the rom? Id like to try it but im scared if bricking my phone or loosing everything ive got on there already.
  9. =WBG=Cpt_Custard

    strange icon

    :P D'OH!!!! Thanks folks
  10. =WBG=Cpt_Custard

    strange icon

    Ive just noticed a strange icon in the top of my screen near the signal indicator. It looks like a mobile phone but with a shaky lines either side of it....i would upload a screenie but dont know how to. Any one know what it is please?
  11. mine worked spot on as soon as i fired it up and ive got it working first time. So far im more impressed with this than copilot.....a lot smaller as well.
  12. Aura GPS Navigation for Android Mobile version 2.X and above. Professional turn-by-turn GPS navigation app. - TomTom maps stored on the phone - Hardware accelerated 3D view of cities and landscape - Real-Time Traffic (sygic.com/shop) Maps and locations pre-loaded, eliminate data transfer AURA comes with all data pre-loaded, so it will never let you down. Data storage is faster, more stable and cheaper than data transfer from an Internet connection. (recommended that maps pre-downloaded via Wi-Fi) Wherever you are, use AURA to find your destination without any roaming costs. Places, addresses, maps, wiki information, city guides, navigation and voice guidance - all are pre-installed. Turn your mobile phone into professional car navigation device by Drive To™ Feature Drive To™ feature turns your mobile/cell phone into a professional car navigation device. It comes with Intuitive design, easy to read as you drive, crystal-clear spoken voice instructions and route guidance. Advanced lane guidance with up-to-date signpost information all comes with Drive To™ feature. User interface automatically fits in-car requirements by fonts and symbols increased when using Drive To™. Special Drive To™ car navigation feature includes: * Door-to-door navigation with voice-guided real-time driving instructions in more than 20 languages (“After one hundred meters, turn left, then immediately turn right”) * Speed limits on roads and thousands of safety cameras pre-installed * Real-time voice-guided manoeuvres with distance to direction or full junction list * Distance to destination with estimated time of arrival * Lane assistant to know which lane to take on roads * Highway symbols to know which city and driving information to follow up on symbols ahead * Community shared traffic and speed traps information (*Connected) * Real time traffic information shared by users or approved by traffic content providers A demonstration of Sygic AURA is available at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b09TW0r-gtM Just wondering if any one has tried this yet.....im going to give it a go now and see what how it fairs.....i didnt really like copilot so its no biggie junking that.
  13. I get 3.3KB/s down 5.2KB/s up on GSM/WCDMA auto and on WCDMA i get 52.2 KB/s down 26.1KB/s with my orange sim
  14. =WBG=Cpt_Custard

    igo sat nav

    I just downloaded the batch file if anyone wants it let me know through PM...ive also got all the european maps
  15. =WBG=Cpt_Custard

    igo sat nav

    I run iGO on my SF fine in full screen mode.

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