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  1. Thanks for your help & info. First off, I might follow george109's steps to install the OEM bootloader unlock first before doing anything else as I've had a few random reboots for no apparent reason. Just waiting (up to) 3 days on Huawei replying to my 'unlock bootloader' password request. I'll use the time to decide whether I really want to procede with it or just stick another Rom on the 300 as it is.
  2. Thanks dalyer, it's been nearly a year since I last put a rom on my g300 so I'm a bit rusty. I just seem to remember extracting all files (root, etc,.) to desktop and running from there via the Windows command prompt, with the phone connected. Is this version of CWM much better than the I have on the phone at present? I need to read up on TWRP tonight as I haven't a clue what it is. Presumably an altermative to CWM?
  3. Should there be an image file inside the Zip download? I thought there would just be an .exe file I could just click on to install via my PC connected to the phone. :unsure:
  4. Just recovered from sleeping in a field in Somerset at the weekend and saw your PM and this post. I haven't manage to find the original Blade Rom so far, not surprised to find all original links are dead.
  5. They are indeed, just when I wanted to revert my old Blade to it's original Orange UK stock rom. (the P729BV1.0.0B05 version)
  6. Thanks for the zip youngsta but unfortunately it didn't work. I tried it 3 times. I got the following via ClockworkMod Recovery v5.0.2.0 when I ran the file; Finding update package... Opening update package... Installing update... Installation aborted. I suppose I could open another Google account and download it to the phone again but then I still have the problem of not being able to open it when the phone has booted because of it's frozen screen. I'm 90% sure that I changed to Gen 2 prior to putting on a new Rom about 9 months ago. If I didn't though, do I run a risk of bricking it if I try to install a Gen 2 Rom on top of a Gen 1 phone? Thanks for any info. :)
  7. Help anyone? I've just dug out my old OSF/Blade and I need to get MrPigfish to verify if my old Blade is Gen 1 or 2 but my Blade screen is frozen on bootup. (possibly a faulty digitizer screen) and the Market/Play Store won't let me download it as it states my Blade already has it installed, though I obviously can't access it. At least I have access to CWM on the phone and I'm hoping I can transfer the apk across using the below method. Is their a non Play Store download from anywhere else that I can then transfer to the phone by putting it on the SD card, to run the .apk from there using CWM? The .rar link up top in this thread is not valid anymore. Thanks.
  8. Just noticed your post, so you may have found a solution by now. If not, try 'Old Phone Ringtone' from the Play Store. :)
  9. You will either have to find a seller who will accept payment in a way suitable to you or take a chance and ask a kind member from this site to do it for you by paying them upfront somehow and then providing your IMEI when payment has cleared. I'm not volunteering by the way. :)
  10. ^^^^^ It'll certainly do me as an intro to start messing about with my G300. Thanks dp. :)
  11. specialize = eBay Item number: 170861571818 - Buy It Now = £5.75 2 minutes ago. He started charging £7.48(?) as an introductory price and then crept upwards but the highest I remember him charging was about £8.98 but that was when he had the market to himself back in April/May.
  12. Does this mean that once again, people who are not interested whatsoever in farcebook or twatter are excluded from a competition? PS. I'm not sure if I was entered once by simply filling in my email, prior to those 4 other 'social' media tabs appearing.
  13. I need a pee more than a pi at this point in time. Gotta dash for that splash.
  14. I actually have one of these 'slip pouches' for my San Fran and though the SF has a nice non slip surface in the hand, it can easily slip out of this type of case if your not careful. Now, I only use it as a screen protector whilst in my pocket as it wouldn't offer much protection in a fall. I feel the Ascend is very slippery in the hand and would just shoot out of one of these slip cases. You really need the type with a clasp over the open end to stop the phone sliding out inadvertently. PS. Frankie, that looks like a very nice hard cover.
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