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  1. Does anyone know where I can find stock fastboot .img files? Preferably B936 but not too fussed. I need a stock ROM but can't get any zips to flash or dload to work! Fastboot seems to be the only other way..
  2. I did! I don't have it anymore though, got a different phone. Ordered mine from bestbattery.biz and it took 20 days to arrive! (apparently, it was sold out in the UK and had to come from HK - Which I personally don't believe). In the time I had it, it lasted ages, didn't explode and was actually quite good! If you're a heavy user I'd recommend it. The paint on the cover is bad though and rubs off in pockets sometimes.
  3. My original Ace never slowed down actually! Maybe a little but nowhere as much as the G300 did!
  4. Yeah haha! I got the Ace 2 for £140 though. I have to get driving lessons soon, if I didn't; I would be getting a Nexus 4! The Ace 2 will do me until August or whenever my contract is up, It's surprisingly fast!
  5. So it's eventually *official*, how is it for people that have it? Better than B940/B944? Giving my G300 to my sister and need a stable rom, preferably stock and wasn't sure about the official ICS. ps. goodbye G300 forum! Decided to get a Galaxy Ace 2 yesterday :-)
  6. Did you flash the vendor package or is there not one? I think you need a vendor package to get any updates because there from Vodafone
  7. I'd love a Nexus 4 but decided not to bother because I have to buy driving lessons in a month or two :( 8GB tablets are fine, but an 8GB phone isn't somewhere I'd like to go. I have around 4gb of music on my phone, plus 1.4gb of photos and other stuff on my SD card.. I couldn't live without an SD card, just so much easier for content management and whatnot. I think I'm going to get the Galaxy Ace II, Seems like a nice phone, a lot faster than the G300 anyway from using it in store! Plus, it's only £150 ish in Phones 4U..
  8. Mine took 3 weeks from HK to Northern Ireland, I ordered it from bestbattery.biz who had it sent from the manufacturer because "its out of stock in uk warehouse" apparently.. I only use the battery when I'm going to be using it a lot, and if I have 3G. Otherwise I just use the stock 1500mah battery.. I don't agree with you about the flat surfaces, The original back is much better when it comes to flat surfaces for me personally!
  9. It's extremely like CM, although it has more features.. Not all of these features are better though, I prefer CM.. AOKP has an awful notification toggle, takes up so much room!
  10. They've removed all traces of it completely in my nearest Tesco's, it was only there about 3 weeks!
  11. I have the mt9p sensor, So really I should be using the stock kernel to get the best pictures instead of Geno's?
  12. Haven't properly tested it, Ages though! Here's a screenshot haha.
  13. I got one of the extended 3600mah batteries on Friday (3 weeks later!) and the back cover is nowhere near as slippery because of the way the extended back is, a ledge at top and bottom of battery! - Not very good at explaining so heres a picture. Only bad thing about it is that the phone now weighs 190g, and doesn't sit right on flat surfaces :-(
  14. Honestly, I don't have a clue.. You'd be best sending the seller a question for that
  15. Well you're not going to get very far with that link, because it's a different phone! G300C / U8810 You need this http://www.ebay.ie/itm/NEW-Touch-Screen-Digitizer-Glass-Lens-HUAWEI-Ascend-G300-U8818-U8815-/290735553991?pt=UK_Replacement_Parts_Tools&hash=item43b1307dc7#ht_1674wt_1037
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