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  1. three.co.uk are offering their 3-2-1 PAYG tariff & your credit does not expire monthly. As yet another Ovivo victim I have chosen three over GiffGaff for the very reason that credit doesn't expire & their call costs are cheaper too, great for a low volume user.
  2. + youngsta2010 Thanks for the help, Handbrake & Mobo player were the perfect solution, happy now. :D
  3. Hi all I would like to get some advice about the best formats/players for videos on the Blade, this is a new area for me. I'm using CM7 & need the best combination for compact file sizes & smoothness of play. Cheers
  4. Have not tried this source but it is one of the very few offering the actual 'LCD screen; Source for LCD Screen or Another source for LCD Screen
  5. I can confirm that using the files reccommended by H3ROSS iPlayer is working fine at the lowest resolution, WiFi only tho. I have had this installed for about a week & have watched some episodes of EE (I know, sad b'stard) & some Little Britain, all OK
  6. Is there a particular reason why it can't be included?
  7. The obvious answer to having ROM exactly tailored to your liking is to go 'add-free' with access to the kitchen & build the ROM with JUST the bits you need. I have done this & have a very 'lean & mean' ROM that goes like the clappers. :D
  8. Is this the current version 11.12.30? as the buit-in upgrade doesn't seem to work for me.
  9. As above, I was wondering whether this was a util that could be useful? http://wwwen.zte.com.cn/endata/mobile/UK/
  10. That would explain the extra one then; I just checked & because I ordered during the Christmas 50% discount period @ £2.24, it came with One film included. I always get more than one when ordering screen films as it is so easy to have one go wrong when fitting.
  11. Good Choice, I got one of those, plus don't forget the protective films, I ordered & paid for a pack of three & they sent four!
  12. +1 to this, also I posted earlier about the service I got from them HERE 3 days delivery during Christmas week & they fit perfectly.
  13. I am not connected to the company or have any vested interest but though I would share my delight with you all. Got my OMC just before Xmas & needed a soft case & some screen protection films so after seeing a link somwhere in this forum, decided to give casesss.com a try; On 27th Dec ordered 2 x soft cases & a pack of 3 screen protection films, opted for the Singapore Post shipping option, total including shipping £12.65. This morning, 31st Dec package arrived by post, exactly what I ordered & quality I expected. All this during Christmas week, I have got to say I am seriously impressed. Thanks whoever posted the link & order with confidence anyone looking for OMC/Skate accessories. :D
  14. Exactly where the problem can come from, I installed QPST in c:\skate yesterday & it would not function correctly until I unblocked it & assigned the approriate permissions. The reason I chose a root location comes from the habits formed before Windows even existed & MSDOS did not allow for spaces in path names so I usually avoid the default locations offered for utilities so that any command line activities are kept simple. :D
  15. In Windows 7 I have found that the built-in, over-protective system will identify programs that are not installed conventionally or in the default Windows \Program Files area will be identified as 'coming from an outside source' & have a block on them, this can easily be be removed by looking at the properties of the executable & selecting the 'Unblock' button. Also programs identified in this way will only have 'full control' assigned to full administrators so if you haven't made yourself a full administrator it will sometimes need the 'run as administrator' selection unless you edit the permissions on the offending executable.
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