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  1. CrazylegsDude

    Free Unlocking

    You probably got a return that had previously been unlocked..Vodaphone are fond of repackaging returns and passing them off to unsuspecting customers!
  2. CrazylegsDude

    Unlock for Huawei G300 for £5.50

    Just got an unlock for my nephews new Ascend G300 from CellunlockerPro for £5.98 Nephew reports unlocked perfectly, he's happy with the device! :D
  3. CrazylegsDude

    £134.99 from expansys

    Now all gone Discontinued!
  4. CrazylegsDude

    I got my lumia 900 (UK) - questions

    Amazons squaretrade insurance for phones is first class and covers accidental damage and liquid damage too and they are very competitive, paperless claim system also! :)
  5. CrazylegsDude

    Nokia Lumia 710 Mountable in Ubuntu 12.04

    Interesting find there todoleo :D
  6. CrazylegsDude

    Unlock for Huawei G300 for £5.50

    Glad it all worked out for you :)
  7. CrazylegsDude

    Unlock for Huawei G300 for £5.50

    Specialize was selling for £8.98 when there were no other sellers doing unlock codes for the G300 He started off cheaper but steadily rose his price every few days because there was no other competition about, these other sellers have only just come on the scene in the last 4 or 5 days!
  8. Outdated ICS? This is running Gingerbread, and Ice cream sandwich is the newest Android operating software, so what are you talking about! Think your a little confused!
  9. CrazylegsDude

    Unlock for Huawei G300 for £5.50

    Well the other guy is going to wonder why his nice little earner has suddenly stopped bearing fruit.. ;) So may even start dropping his price again once he finds out he has competition!
  10. eBay seller doing unlock codes for £5.55 GBP Reported as succesfull by one user on HUKD forums eBay item no. 251050783250
  11. CrazylegsDude

    Wishlist for the G300

    Great Vid phone definitely looks a lot nicer in Titanium and black! Thanks for posting :D
  12. CrazylegsDude

    Huawei Ascend G300 unlock

    Did you make sure you rebooted your handset as the settings don't take sometimes unless you reboot!

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