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  1. I think it maybe dead it doesn't look like its been updated in a while Checked his gif hub and nothing been added in ages so I can't see there being an update
  2. Z3 app ports if anyone is interested in testing http://www.modaco.com/index.php?/topic/373879-[APPS]-[PORTS]-Z3-app-ports-all-devices
  3. Hi everyone this Thread is Z3 apps and also mods I have made in the past I want to thank everyone for there support and and at the moment I'm trying my very hardest to get everything fully working and not just on the Ace 2 and Xperia Z as I have these devices but I want to bring them to all Devices running 4.4+ as I haven't tested on anything below like ICS or JB I don't know if they will work so ATM this is KitKat only unless someone is willing to test I am not held responsible if anything happens to your device or your SD card or anything else as I have tested these on both those devices and no problems except on Ace 2 audio stops but that's sound enhancer causing that so it sound enhancer just needs uninstalling or deleting from System/Apps CREDITS Cyanogenmod, Sony for there apps, Google, and Samsung and many others If your ROM doesn't boot I'm sorry but it's not my fault as this is mainly made for CM based roms & AOSP based ROMs like PA, CARBON, DU, CANDYKAT etc... This may or may not work on sense or Touchwiz but it should work with any Pure Xperia Roms as it's Sony's source :D IF YOU LIKE MY WORK AND WANT TO USE IT IN YOUR ROM OR PROJECTS PLEASE GIVE CREDITS THANK YOU APPS THAT ARE WORKING WALKMAN ALBUM MOVIES HOME SONY SKETCH LYRICS WIDGET BRAVIA 3 & XREALITY CLOCK WIDGET I'm working on weather widget, Visualization, Clock App, Email App Maybe some more things CURRENT PROGRESS=WIP IF YOU END UP WITH BOOTLOOP PLEASE TELL ME YOUR DEVICE AND ROM ALSO PLEASE IF POSSIBLE TRY GET A LOG THANK YOU ZIP INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS [HIDE] THIS IS FOR CLEAN INSTALL 1ST: REBOOT INTO RECOVERY 2ND: FULL WIPE DATA, CACHE & DALVIK 3RD: FLASH ROM, GAPPS 4TH: FLASH CUSTOM KERNEL IF YOU WANT TO IF NOT SKIP STEP 4 5TH: FLASH MY ZIP MOD OF CHOICE 6TH: REBOOT SYSTEM DIRTY INSTALL 1ST: REBOOT RECOVERY 2ND: FLASH MY ZIP MOD OF CHOICE 3RD: REBOOT RECOVERY DIRTY INSTALL ISN'T RECOMMENDED[/HIDE] DOWNLOADS [HIDE] VIDEO WALKMAN V2 KK Optimised Walkman zip Flash through Recovery if audio breaks remove sound enhancement V2 sound enhancement works perfect on 4.4.4 Carbon on my Xperia Z Yuga but doesn't work on my Ace 2 Lyrics Addon For Walkman HOME (Launcher) Bravia 3 & XReality GALLERY CLOCK (Widgets) SONY SKETCH [/HIDE] SCREENSHOTS [HIDE] [/HIDE] DISPLAY TWEAKS [HIDE] debug.hwui.render_dirty_regions=false ro.hwui.text_cache_height=256 ro.hwui.fbo_cache_size=16384 ro.hwui.layer_cache_size=16384 ro.hwui.path_cache_size=16384 ro.hwui.round_rect_shape_cache_size=16384 ro.hwui.circle_shape_cache_size=16384 ro.hwui.rect_shape_cache_size=16384 ro.hwui.arc_shape_cache_size=16384 ro.hwui.oval_shape_cache_size=16384 ro.hwui.texture_cache_size=16384 ro.hwui.gradient_cache_size=16384 ro.hwui.text_drop_shadow_cache_size=16384 ro.hwui.font_renderer_cache_size=16384 ro.hwui.resource_cache_size=16384 ro.hwui.patch_cache_size=16384 ro.hwui.disable_vsync=false ro.hwui.layer_size=1024 ro.hwui.render_layers_as_regions=1 ro.hwui.stencil_buffer_size=3.0 ro.hwui.texture_cache_flush_rate=0.9 ro.hwui.panel_bit_depth=32 ro.hwui.default_text_gamma=1.8 ro.hwui.default_text_black_gamma_threshold=255 ro.hwui.default_text_white_gamma_threshold=255 ro.hwui.disable_scissor_opt=true debug.hwui.show_overdraw=false debug.hwui.show_layers_updates=false ro.hwui.text_gamma_correction=shader3 ro.media.dec.jpeg.memcap=8000000 ro.media.enc.hprof.vid.bps=8000000 ro.media.capture.maxres=8m ro.media.panorama.defres=3264x1840 ro.media.panorama.frameres=1280x720 ro.camcorder.videoModes=true ro.media.enc.hprof.vid.fps=65 ro.media.enc.jpeg.quality=100 ADD THESE TO BUILD PROP[/HIDE] AUDIO TWEAKS [HIDE] ro.semc.clearphase.supported=true ro.semc.xloud.supported=true add them to build prop more mods to come [/HIDE] OK new version Available V2 No visualizer but may becoming soon Also no edit song info or download song info Use V2 and flash through Recovery latest version with most features V3 - V4 maybe full version with everything working Will come soon Lyrics feature uploaded If after flash V2 and audio stops working back up DSP Manager and uninstall/Delete it if audio is still broken then uninstall Walkmans Sound enhancer sorry for inconvenience Sound enhancer may cause loss of audio after sound enhancer is deleted or uninstalled audio will work again Don't try to login to music unlimited as it will never support any non Sony devices properly if you attempt to it asks to update and you lose all of features like charts and won't be able to get 30sec sample etc... V3 Test Version of Walkman https://app.box.com/s/5flrly5yhj199sceowor Newer Walkman version. Not tested yet but will test use at own will OK tested causes walkman to FC so I suggest trying on a clean ROM install as I dirty flashed over old one and it may of caused issues
  4. Well I love skyrim but house bug may cause me to start over #Gutted #Skyrim

  5. RT @ToastyStickers: @DeepSilver recently announced Dead Island 2. RT and you could win some of these giveaways from E3. @deadislandgame htt…

  6. Resident Evil fans please sign this http://t.co/fSkXcOpFld

  7. Capcom: Resident Evil HD Trilogy 1, 2 & 3 http://t.co/oPoSKEpBeD via @UKChange

  8. GameSpot's PS4 Watch Dogs Giveaway http://t.co/2yJm0N4Bd0

  9. I just entered in the #rainofinvites raffle to win an invitation to buy the @oneplus One http://t.co/JaVJbhQJDX

  10. Yeah I know it's been a while I still don't have a Y300 I have a Ace 2 but getting an octacore phone soon and sometime will try get a Y300 as my friend has 1 and still like it
  11. Tillaz Do you have any plans of updating for Y300 maybe theming white if possible or add newer xposed on default etc.... Just curious as my friend got a Y300 yesterday and he's not use to holo he's use to kitkat white but likes stock based more
  12. Squid Attack - Part 2 Squid Attack - Part 2 http://t.co/VM7KDCsJVf on #SoundCloud

  13. Playerpro has crossfade and gapless
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