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  1. I'm 99% sure the culprit is the wifi. If i boot the phone with wifi disabled, and do not use it at all, then battery life is great. When i use wifi, sometimes after i disable it the battery drain starts. In 1 hour roughly 5-10% lost.
  2. Wifi still has some problems in r10b. Static ip configuration does not work, connection says obtaining ip address and wont connect. Superuser is not perfect either. One time it made my vm heap tool fc at start, after a reboot its working again as it should. It might be the apps fault though.
  3. First, using universal androot root your phone. Then install titaniumbackup, problems button, that will install new busybox. Then install (new) superuser from market. Start superuser, on the settings tab bottom press the check su binary, and it will install a new version of su. After that everything should work fine, at least its fine for me. Maybe a restart is needed at the end.
  4. Yes, it was me who dumped it with dd. I did not have this knowledge at that time. I made a tar backup of the system partition as well, you can find it at the hungarian thread (might add there's stuff made by universal androot and adfree in that backup, so you need to clean it). edit: i never said anywhere it's an official rom provided by t-mobile.
  5. Beware of the 256mb version. Less ram is no problem, only inconvinience, if you use your phone a certain way. The screen should not be the problem either. The screen type, LCD TFT is very well good in my book. But the screen quality of the 256mb version... well basically is trash. You do NOT want it, beleive me, especially if you can get the amoled version in your country.
  6. It has 256mb ram, period. I strongly beleive that it has 256mb physically. (there should be one ram IC on these small pcbs, and i doubt they use 512mb for every type.) Imo you can't hack/unlock it, live with it. Also it's totally irrevelant, unless you're a heavy multi tasker.
  7. I'm very much interested in the screen quality of the greece version. If it's not producing the syptoms the hungarian one does, then i guess we got a defective shipment here.
  8. Couse that would be five bucks extra cost.... Funny pic next. I didn't know, that pink color is prohibited in china. My pc screen, ZTE Blade and galaxy spica.
  9. So, the blueness of certain shades of grey couses the widget to have that circle. Meaning, certain shades of grey will show blue, regardless of being a widget, picture, video or anything. Check this page, and the picture link in your phones browser. Itt will have blue stripes, at more different shades of grey. Hungarian: Azért van a kék félkör a widget-ben, mert ott a képpontok épp olyan színűek amit kéken jelenít meg. Nézd meg amit linkeltem telefonon böngészőben(zoom-olj rá dupla klikkel), nálam pl több helyen is kék csíkok vannak.
  10. Think we have bigger problems here... Seems like ALL screens are bad, at least noone reported that his one works fine. Certain colors have a blueish tone on the screen. I've made some pics, its a simple black bandig pic. Pic1 Pic2 Sorry for the bad quality, and yes, my camera is fine, it's the screen B) Also, here's some others (not my pics) showing the symptoms in real life application: Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 I'm kinda disappointed :)
  11. I tried it without the charger. After the missed call, the back button led is flashing. When it goes to sleep, the blinking stops. When i wake the phone, the blinking starts again.
  12. Thanks for the stock recovery image. Can you tell us how to restore the original recovery/boot if we want to rma the phone? I'm kinda new at all this. It seems like we have many users reporting quality issues, especially with the screen.
  13. Ok, seems like it segfaults for me as well. Here's the tar backup: Download Last resort mirror: Download I have adfree installed, so the hosts file is a bit bigger then usual B)
  14. Here's the hungarian rom dump: Download Mirror, from my own home connection. Only use this as last resort. Download Build.prop interesting parts: ro.build.id=ERE27 ro.build.display.id=TM_P729TV1.0.0B02 ro.build.version.incremental=20101026.161715 ro.build.version.sdk=7 ro.build.version.codename=REL ro.build.version.release=2.1-update1 ro.build.date=Tue Oct 26 16:29:03 CST 2010 ro.build.date.utc=1288081743 I can confirm, that this one is the chinese version with 256mb ram, and normal tft screen. Also i might add, that i find the screen quality quite bad, compared to my old galaxy spica(aint amoled either).
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