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  1. domenico lamberti

    Honor Holly 'price-hacked' to £74.99

    i've been testing an Honor Holly for a while and although the 2000mAh battery doesnt souind huge, this thing just doesnt die
  2. domenico lamberti

    MMW 79 - actually NOT sponsored by Xiaomi!

    I definitely wouldnt mind a MiKey, Paul, much cheaper than a Pressy
  3. domenico lamberti

    EXCLUSIVE: LG G-Watch availability date and pricing information

    as a Smartwatch 2 owner, as much as i'd prefer a Moto 360, i'll never be able to afford one, this on the other hand, while not lookin as nice IMO, is much better for text applications like hangouts notifications, brilliant, i hope its £150 or lower
  4. domenico lamberti

    Recommend a good screen protector, please

    i must say i've been using Xtreme Guard ones for a while and they are just awesome, they are a wet install which is a major pain in my arse, but once on its on and it "heals" from minor scratches as well, i had one on my nexus 4 for about 8-9 months before the corners started peeling from excessive pocketing
  5. domenico lamberti

    MMW 58 - The amazing technicolour devices

    okays :)
  6. domenico lamberti

    MMW 58 - The amazing technicolour devices

    who won the second giftcard from last week?
  7. domenico lamberti

    MoDaCo Mobile Week ON AIR 1 (and 2 coming up)

    I'd like to win the giftcard :)
  8. domenico lamberti

    Tesco Direct selling 8GB Moto G for £99

    Tesco Mobile units tend to be "double locked" wherein they are locked to O2, and then are locked to Tesco, so you cant even use GiffGaff or O2 SIMs in it
  9. domenico lamberti

    Google Chromecast delivers your content to your TV for $35

    i want one so hard in its current configuration, but i want to know what powers it, and whether or not XBMC would be able to be booted from it ... we shall see
  10. domenico lamberti

    Android 4.3 official - available now for Nexus devices and in AOSP

    installed, and sweet mother of god its ridiculously smooth, smoother than the leaked one, and i might be crazy, but is the screen a teeensy bit more calibrated? nowhere near the amount that PA/Faux/Franco kernels have done, but it loooks better
  11. domenico lamberti

    Android 4.3 for the Nexus 4 leaked

    i keep reading in places that the radio is missing or that there is radio issues, if there are, that sucks, if there isnt, i would use this daily
  12. domenico lamberti

    PadFone Infinity Initial impressions

    im just wondering, how dificult is it to use on-screen buttons, i mean, come on Asus, this is your top-of-the-line product, thefirst gen Padfone had on-scrren buttons on a 4.3" qHD screen, why couldnt you on a 5! 1080p one :'( i has a sad
  13. domenico lamberti

    Ubuntu Touch build?

    i dont even know if its possible, but i run Ubuntu Touch on my Nexus 4 sometimes and was wondering if i could run it on my skate, as i dont use my skate anymore
  14. domenico lamberti

    Google Keyboard comes to the Play Store

    i dont see why the stock AOSP launcher couldnt be added to the Playstore just like any other launcher, the stock Camera app would probably be nice to some people, i personally dont care as i have a Nexus, but people without Nexii that dont want to root or custom ROM, these things could cut out the majority of hassle and get you a "stock" device
  15. domenico lamberti

    The next budget monster

    unfortunatly you cant predict what will get dev love or not, everyone thought this would have, instead, nope

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