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  1. I signed up to this forum because of that phone, now am looking for next version. Things I need: Better camera that can take loads of pictures without the slow UI of the blade. Good battery life to allow wifi tethering on/off for a day. GPS ofcourse. Looked at the Huawei G300 but the screen looks washed compared to my OLED blade. Also Not so sure about the camera. Price should be Sub £150, preferably sub £100 Is there such thing?
  2. Installed cm 7.2 stable and cm-7-20120729-NIGHTLY-blade.zip hoping that the camera zoom issue was rectified. when using the camera and you zoom and then take a picture, it will come out as if u didn't use zoom at all. it appears zoomed but the image is stored unzoomed. Strange! anyone know a fix?
  3. Have an original OLED san francisco and need something that can wifi tether without issues. Improved 3g speed is a plus. Currently running Swedish snow RLS7 and it is very buggy.
  4. What a lame upgrade, we can already run 2.3 on the current san fran this is no major improvement what so ever. I expected more atleast ARMv7 not the same old ARMv6.
  5. Those look pretty good too bad I just bought screen protectors this week after owning the phone for a whole year.
  6. Has any one got rid of the ugly san francisco writting on the top of the phone? I hate people asking do you have a HTC and then later say WTF Is san francisco lol WHY ORANGE COULN'T YOU JUST LEAVE IT BLANK
  7. Hello guys, I have one of the old San frans with the OLED and the last flash I did was jellyfish or something like that. I installed that pig app and it said I have gen 1 phone, I am completely lost about gen1 and gen2, is it OLED and LCD? Anyways I have clockwork installed on the phone what rom can I use?
  8. Android 3.0 aka custard is said to be release by ZTE for the blade 2 in december 23rd 2012 which so happens to be a wednesday. Also Iphone 6 will have hologram and on-demand light saber apps. :huh:
  9. Hi thanks that explains it for tvcatchup but youtube use to work from the website when I was using 2.1 and by youtube i mean the mobile version, it use to open up the video in fullscreen when clicked but now it just says video cannot be played.
  10. Youtube videos from the youtube website dont work for me it says cannot play video and it says the same for tvcatchup. however youtube videos work from the app strangely, anyways what is the fix for this issue?
  11. Thanks but ... how can I try it if there is no flash on the SF lol
  12. Hello, someone on the forum once mentioned a website that is like tvcatchup where you can stream live tv on the phone, I think it had a few more channels than TVC. I cant remember what it was called ;) anyone have a clue?
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