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    Fiddling with my HTC Desire Z mobile phone and its Android OS, messing about with my computer, playing with my 2 Staffordshire Bull Terriers, handling my Cornsnake Phoenix, sorting out my Tropical Fish Tank and when I get chance I love reading and cross-stitching.
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  1. ryanred5

    Win a HTC Desire HD with MoDaCo and @superetrader

    Congratulations Ricardo, hope you enjoy the phone.
  2. ryanred5

    Win a HTC Desire HD with MoDaCo and @superetrader

    Done them. I'll keep my fingers crossed now. :D
  3. Hi I use a SPV M600 running WM5 and the problem I'm having with Internet Explorer is that on some sites there are buttons that are just not "clickable" with the stylus. One of the sites is a forum that has side bars which you close by "clicking" the arrows with the stylus, but when I "click" nothing happens and the side bars stay open. The other site is also a forum that has a drop down options arrow when your in a thread on the forum, but when you "click" the drop down arrow nothing happens, unfortunately there is something I need to do by "clicking" the drop arrow. I've tried Firefoxs cut down version and that "clicks" the side bar arrows and drop down arrow just fine but its so so slow. I tried Opera for browsing before testing what I needed to do and that was mega slow too. Is there a program that can downloaded for IE that makes unclickable areas clickable? Thanks a lot. Catherine
  4. Hi I have an Orange SPV M600 running WM5. I have had Windows Live Messenger Version running no problem for ages, then about a week ago when I tried to sign on it came up with the error: "There is a problem with the server. Please try again later" It gave me an option to Retry or Cancel. I've tried uninstalling it and reinstalling, that didn't work. Then I tried installing a previous version and that didn't work. I also tried my husbands account to log in and it still came up with the above error. I've done a hard reset of the M600 and put an older backup on, one where I knew the Messenger worked, but nope it still threw up the same error. What's going on, does anyone have any idea? If anyone could help I'd be really grateful. Thanks Catherine
  5. Hi I've got the most recent version of Windows Live Messenger Mobile installed on my SPV M600, and its been working fine with no problems until Saturday 1 Nov 08. Now when I try to sign in, it comes up with the error "There is a problem with the server. Please try again later." I thought it was something I had done wrong, so I uninstalled it, downloaded the cab file again and reinstalled it,but I'm still getting the same error. Has anyone any idea what's going on as its driving me nuts? Thanks. Catherine xxx
  6. ryanred5

    What to go for?

    I know no-one has replied to this, but I thought Id post to say Ive bought an SPV M600 off Ebay. Cant wait to be not messing with a wireless card, my SD card will just stay in permanently. :D
  7. My SPV M500 is knackered now, the SD slot wont recognise the cards that you put in, the sound has given up the ghost and the touch screen isnt as sensitive as it was before. So Im looking to get another pda/phone to put various software on including Tomtom, SPB Diary, Pocket Plus, V Birthday and others. The ones Ive been looking at are the SPV M600, M700 and M2000. There is so many different views on the 3 of them, so I thought Id come and ask on here, what do you think? Im not buying new btw, I cant afford it, so will probably be looking on Ebay. So which is the best to go for? Thanks Catherine
  8. ryanred5

    Help please!

    Hi I will do that, but what I cant understand is why its happened after the M500 fell off something and not before. Ive seen the messages before when it stops accessing the card when memory is low, but after charging the phone, it recognises the card again. Surely the fall has done something?? **ETA - Ive had a quick look on the Orange Business site and the M500 isnt there, any idea where else I can the newest ROM for my M500 - current one is 1.06.00 WWE, Rom date is 01/06/05). Ive also done a hard reset and that hasnt sorted the problem out, think its going to have to be sent off for repair.**
  9. ryanred5

    Help please!

    I cant see it being a software problem cos this is the second M500 that its happened to. Just seems very odd what ever it is. Ill give HTC a ring and see what they say.
  10. ryanred5

    Help please!

    Hiya Yeah the cards Im trying to use worked ok before, and if I put them in the slot and reset the phone they work ok. Any ideas if it would be an expensive repair ? or is it fairly easy to take the SPV M500 apart? Do you have the number for HTC? Thanks for replying to my post. Catherine
  11. ryanred5

    Help please!

    Hiya I hope nobody minds me posting here but I got no response to my last posting I did. This is the same problem I had before, my SD slot is not picking up the cards (internet card or normal SD card) that I put in the slot, after my M500 fell off the side of my bed. It didnt bang down on the floor hard but it must have caught something and its done something to the slot. Any ideas please. Thanks in advance. Catherine
  12. Hiya I tend to use my M500 in bed in the middle of the night to either play games or connect to the internet when I cant sleep. I did the same last night but I must have fell asleep and it dropped onto the floor (laminate flooring) at the side of the bed. When I went to tried to swap the SD card for my internet one, it still showed the normal SD card was in the M500. When I did a soft reset and put the internet card in it still wouldnt accept it, or even the normal SD card. Have I broke my M500, or just the SD slot, is there anything I can do. Thanks Catherine
  13. Hiya I have just bought a Holox BT-321 to use with my SPV M500 in our car (when we get it!), need to buy TomTom software to go with the pair of them, and I have followed the instructions for the BT-321 and it talks about Bluetooth Manager and its not on my M500, so I cant do it. My phone shows it is paired and is blinking blue, but the lights on the Holox-321 shows solid lights. Can I download the Bluetooth Manager and install it on my M500? If so where do I get it from? If I dont need the bluetooth manager, does anyone know exactly how to make sure the two items are paired? Sorry for all the questions. Thanks in advance. Catherine xx
  14. ryanred5

    GPRS Question

    Sorry Ive not been on here for a while but thought Id tell you something that happened to me about using the GPRS. I got a bill last year from Orange for £188 (£10 per meg, 12 meg I had used) I duly paid it, they waited for it cos I paid it in dribs and drabs. They were really good about it. Then in February (I think it was February) I was chatting to a lady at Orange Customer Services and she was looking at my account for something else and just happened to mention about the large bill last year so she said hold on Im just going to look into something for you. She came back a few mins later and said that the bill in October was wrong and I shouldnt have been charged that much. Her manager was working it out, but she said I would be due a refund of about £90. Well I was overjoyed upon here this. Apparently when I stopped having the GPRS bundle last year they should have put me on their paying as you go GPRS, which is cheaper than paying per meg, I know that doesnt really make sense, but speak to them about it. This is what the refund was, they worked my useage out with the new price and I got the difference back. Shows Orange arent all bad. ;)
  15. ryanred5

    GPRS Question

    Oh right so you dont get charged at all for MMS's being received. I thought you would be. Cool. Thanks alot. Catherine

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