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  1. sarcasm OR fun... that's the question... :) happy winter solstice !!
  2. @liljom very well, i am expectant @ratcom rude? why? while i am waiting for MCR... i'll test other.. ;) and i have a 'no ad' account for help @metatron thanks, you are a gentleman :)
  3. very good analysis. One thing I just said if there would be update soon. MoDaCo problem is that it covers too ... creating expectations that can not deliver. Do not take this seriously, it's just fun. :)
  4. bye bye my dear 10 pounds ... bye bye MCR, hello CyanogenMod ;) thanks for nothing Paul :)
  5. Well, I paid for using the kitchen ... I do not want him to read, but cook. :) p.d.. 231 views = interest, expectations :)
  6. Eh!! Paul 71 views and not answer?? FAIL! ;)
  7. Paul can you tell if an update will come soon? thanks
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