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  1. Alternatives? How about the Xiaomi MI Note 2?
  2. Yes, I was similarly disappointed - not only that, but after very little use, the rubber edge on the front flap peels off and the red stuff on the inside edge is starting to lift as a result. I am tempted by the tuff-luv vintage leather wallet, but it's too expensive given that (having already failed to deliver on thier promise several times) by the time it was eventually in stock, I had already had the phone a couple of months and bought the dd+f and 6 different "cheap" cases and an not about to spend the best part of £40 on another case..... If I could pick that up for £20 or so it'd be a different matter.
  3. jimac

    CIDotW - ZTE V970

    UPDATE - There are a few custom ROMs now, the Jellybean ROM on XDA is fantastic. All things considered, the phone is great. There are two things that really bother me though. That silver bezel is painted on and easily damaged. Mine is looking quite tatty now. The "textured" back is also fairly easily marked. Other than that, it is a fantastic bit of kit for the money! Now waiting for my next bargain Chinese purchases of and Umi x2 and Pipo M9 Max (3G version) to be dispatched! Also considering a Cube U30GT2 - but will wait for some reviews before ordering as I'm concerned about the screen quality and how the Mali400 copes with the resolution.
  4. There is a JellyBean ROM for it now on XDA, it's great! Makes everything work even better! :)
  5. damn it....... looks like I missed the fire-sale! anyone know where I can pick one of these up for £100?
  6. I can recommend the V970. Very very happy with mine. I have a custom ROM on it, although there does not seem to be much of a UK/US developer community for it (compared to the Blade). Fantastic value! I paid for express delivery (DHL) and had to pay a customs charge of £7 - all in you can get it for less than £150, with a case and screen protector in less than a week. If you can deal with a lesser screen res (if they get around to doing a "V" version for our cell networks, which annoyingly they don't seem to have a plan to do) these have a wet-your-pants spec for the price:- http://micgadget.com/31232/oh-god-zte-u950-is-a-super-cheap-quad-core-phone-for-less-than-160/ lucky lucky people that get this. big battery, big power and in my opinion a more than acceptable screen res for the size.
  7. jimac

    ZTE V970 Review

    what do you think of it? I am pleased with mine, the battery life seems to have improved. The only thing that irks me is that generic pocket-fluff seems to get in the ear-piece grille (but that is probably true of any phone I guess!) Looking forward to a JellyBean ROM in the near future!
  8. I thought the V970 was not a Tegra 2 device, but a dual-SIM, dual core MTK6577 device with 1gb RAM.
  9. Well, I got one! had it for almost a week now. Have a custom ROM on it etc. It's a superb bit of kit, especially for the £! Only thing that is a little poor is the battery life, but oddly, that seems to be improving with use. I get a little over a days use out of it. That is with fairly heavy use and tethering my tablet to it over wifi for the duration of the working day and having 2 active SIMs in it. Should be fine for the best part of 2 days for the average user. Much higher quality build than the Blade, digitizer sensitivity is in another league - right up there with the best devices. Video playback can be a little choppy when using hardware decoding, but perfect when switched to software (although I believe this is a fault of the ROM I am using, rather than the hardware). thought you might be interested. :)
  10. jimac

    ZTE V970 Review

    Yep, I have it here - took 6 days from ordering, to having it in my hand. It was already in english and mostly charged when I powered it on, so was able to have a play with it straight away. Rooting and installing a custom ROM was very very quick and simple too. I am very impressed with it so far - the only thing I can fault it on, is hardware video decoding doesn't seem to work very well at all (which may just be the ROM I have on it), but software decoding (using MX player) is fine. Other than that, very slick and smooth.
  11. jimac

    ZTE V970 Review

    oh, £7 vat needed to be paid to DHL
  12. jimac

    ZTE V970 Review

    I bought mine from etotalk.com, without thier custom ROM. It was £144 all in. That includes DHL fast shipping, silicone case and screen protector and a lovely gift card written to me. They sent me a paypal request to ask me to pay for thier custom ROM (stating that the standard ROM didn't include English language), which I politely declined.
  13. jimac

    ZTE V970 Review

    I pulled the trigger and ordered one from etotalk.com, late last week - you can pay with credit card/paypal. I am expecting it shortly. :) Looking forward to it even more now I have scanned through this review!
  14. I wouldn't have thought it'd be compatible with the Grand X ROMs (either Tegra 2 or Intel), the hardware is quite different. I ordered one lastweek and having just read the reviews, I am very much looking forward to it arriving! Import taxes - you may get away without paying them, but I would expect to ( I am not expecting to). I don't expect it to be horrendous.
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