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  1. Im extreamly shocked by this! Thanks to Paul and Advent for this competition. Well done for all the other winners. Commiserations to all those who entered and didn't win.
  2. Hi all, Ive wanted to post this entry for a long time but been really busy :o Using Ideas from VintageVega Ive taken the idea of using images to open up apps ect and have developed a system of screens for a sort of mini simulation of the Enterprise from StarTrek TNG (no im not a huge trekie) Please have a look and maybe a try :mellow: Requirements LauncherPro (free version ok) we make use of launcher pro shortcuts (how these are created and used are explained below in "screen navigation" MultiPicture Live Wallpaper (free from market) Desktop VisualizeR to place graphical widgets onto your screen Optional SiMi Folder Widget for creating folders on the desktop. Hompeage options In order for the included widget images to sit correctly on the screen I am using the thin notification bar and I am using 10 columns and 6 rows The "simulation" comprises of 5 locations (maybe people could add more) 1. Bridge front Before adding in VisualizeR widgets After widgets Rather than having a blank wall to work with like with VintageVega Ive attempted using GIMP to cut out regions of the picture to place back on top of it to make it functional (appologies that they dont line up 100%) Ive sort of tried to match functionality on the ship with apps on the vega (as mentioned before im not a trekie so sorry if im completly wrong) On my setup the widgets open up the following From left to right Access panel opens up file manager app back of left chair - usb mode changer left chair console - Internet (dolphin HD) Screen - opens up "communications" im using sipdroid right chair console - back of right chair - Gmail 2. Back of Bridge Please not that the white arrow near the door on the left is a LauncherPro Shortcut Please see section on navigation Before adding in VisualizeR widgets After widgets Left panel - opens spare parts Left seat - Market Captains chair - "captains log" opens mesage recorder Console at top - settings Right chair - google maps 3. Random coridor No widgets have been added on this screen just 3 launcherPro Shortcuts. The random coridor currently is only used as access to around the ship. the 3 doors go to Holodeck, Bridge and 10 Forward. 4. 10 Forward Before adding in VisualizeR widgets After widgets Currently 10 Forward is a bit empty I currently only have the 3d Chess widget open a simi folder with all my games 5. Holodeck Before adding in VisualizeR widgets After widgets As you can see the Holodeck is an entertainment page. (im sure you can tell what does what) The music note opens winamp or spotify The books currently open a simi folder with a number of E-readers The film reel opens a movie player. Other icons could be added for a picture gallery Screen Navigation. Rather than using swipes to navigate from screen to screen I have used LauncherPro Shortcuts to take you to a certain screen on the click of a icon. Use of LancherPro Shortcuts Using a small amount of code from an example i found here you can create a file for each screen to create a shorcut too it changing the value of com.fede.launcher.extra.SCREEN you can choose what screen to navigate too. (I have included shorcuts to screens 1-5 in the attachment) <LPShortcut sdkVersion="1" action="android.intent.action.MAIN" package="com.fede.launcher" class="com.fede.launcher.Launcher" > <Extra type="integer" name="com.fede.launcher.extra.SCREEN" value="1" /> </LPShortcut>[/codebox] To use a LauncherPro widget is rather easy Just tap and hold your screen Choose shortcuts Choose LauncherPro Shortcuts Choose one of the provided files to "choose a screen" Change the icon using one of the provided arrow images Don't give it a name (unless you want too) Done Help Taken from VintageVega Oh ive almost forgot Ive aded a sort of startrek console feel for the dock on the right hand side. Please feel free to use and maybe expand and improve. Merch Vega_Next_Generation.zip
  3. Here Is my application for the Advent Vega To Apple (just for fun and me being "creative") To meet competition guidelines I have also made it freely available to download :( If this entry is not deemed appropriate I appologise. Merch
  4. Hello, Im Andy and like this guy - Im anti apple andy Dont want to be an apple sheep :(
  5. does this work as is from xda or some modification required to get it working on the vega oppose to the g-tab
  6. hmm I see your point now. good thing is that we can (now) use usb sticks and HD all with one port.
  7. non-standard??? its just full sized usb instead of micro or mini
  8. I was looking forward to getting one of these and using it with my vega http://www.logitech.com/en-us/smartTV/revue
  9. merch

    No USB Drives?

    saw your post and plugged in my powered 1TB which was plugged into my pc. The hard drive turned off when i plugged it into the vega :P
  10. merch

    New SD Card

    the device should support up to a 32GB SDHC card http://www.mymemory.co.uk/Micro-SDHC/MyMem...-Card---Class-4 - £52.99 32GB are still rather expensive but are slowly coming down in price but might be best getting a 16GB which can be found for much less around £16-20 In any case I think you should get a card that is class 4 or above. For those who dont know the higher the class the faster the access time on the card is (so smoother video playback). most cards will have a little number within a circle this is its class. I like to use hotukdeals to find my memory cards - > http://www.hotukdeals.com/search?action=se...s=micro+sdhc+16
  11. I had power plugged in. Probably was in recovery mode a few time was expecting something on the screen saying "hey your in recoverymode" but nope just a few usb beeps on the PC which i didnt have sound on at the time
  12. Hi all, got home with my vega (was delivered to my work) trying to get into the recovery mode to patch up but can't seem to get the device to boot up into it. any suggestions? I am following these instructions Once off, hold the BACK button down for 2 seconds Then, whilst keeping the BACK button held, press and hold the POWER button for 2 seconds Then release just the POWER button but keep holding the BACK button for a further 2 seconds Release the BACK button
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