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  1. This sounds very interesting and I would like to try it out. Could you upload the modified framework.jar, please?
  2. Yay I just received my code! I didnt try it yet but it is not the same as the network unlock code so i guess I might be in luck. @mamudo: Don't give up yet. I had to tell them my android build number (U8815V100R001C00B952) before they believed me that my phone is running ICS. Next mail from them contained the code. It's kind of like playing an 1980s text adventure..
  3. What is an IMEI unlock code? Would be interesting to know which version goodye was on when he successfully unlocked. Maybe it only works on certain versions?
  4. All the same here, except that I first got the mail with the Android 2.3 crap, and then half an hour later the one with the supposed unlock code. Still it says invalid key.
  5. I got the same problem with auto-brightness since updating to R9.
  6. Does the led notifications light work for you guys? It works when I "test" it in the settings menu, but it it does not actually light up when a notification comes in.
  7. Yes, I should have cleared that up here as well. Reflashing CWM or the ROM didn't fix my problem so Fagulhas suggested I try another recovery. I flashed Sebastian404s CWM4 which solved the issue. I could then flash the new CWM6 from there and everything is fine now. It's unclear what caused the issue though. Happy now :)
  8. I'm not sure what you mean.. but it doesn't make a difference if I just let the phone startup and land in recovery or if I hold vol+ during startup.
  9. Hm, unfortunately not. I just reflashed CM9 but still end up in CWM even after battery pull.
  10. Well the filename says R2, and I only downloaded it after you confirmed for me that it's flashable from TWR. Anyways, how do I get that stuff out of my boot image? :ph34r:
  11. Thanks Daz, that seemed to work BUT somehow i'm now stuck in recovery - selecting reboot system from the menu just reboots into recovery. Same even after a battery pull. Argh.
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