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  1. Thanks all - looks like G510-0100 V100R001C02B170.rar has worked for me. Took the UPDATE.APP from the 1_SDCARD folder in the rar, put it in the SD Card within a dload folder, started up with all 3 buttons held in and the update worked. :) rar was from http://www.ulozto.net/x158w7g/g510-0100-v100r001c02b170-rar for anyone else that needs it.
  2. Ah - that looks promising - thanks Voxpop
  3. Bother - Touch Me file no longer on Mega download site.
  4. Thanks, I'll give that a shot. The b190 twrp backup is here somewhere too? (sorry, not searched yet!).
  5. I have done lots of unlocking / rooting / flashing of ZTE Blade, Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus, but I have just broken a G510-0100. My objective was to unlock the bootloader, get root, and remove vodafone UK apps. I would prefer to keep to Stock at the moment as the phone is for my daughter. I have ended up with a phone that boots into TWRP instead of the stock ROM. I unlocked the bootloader using the code that came back very quickly from Huawei. I then managed to flash TWRP badly - it is as if I have got into the boot sequence ahead of System (so it is not the Recovery - I still had Stock recovery) I have managed to flash CWM as custom recovery so that I could flash the stock ROM in the hope that this would sort out booting, but the only stock ROM I can find at Huawei.com is for the -0200, and that will not work. I COULD flash a custom ROM, but it doesn't look as though any of them are stable enough to give to my daughter. I can mount USB in TWRP or CWM, so I can see the internal SD card(s). I have even flashed SU from TWRP. I can get into Fastboot and issue commends from my laptop (Win7-64). So I am stuck - I can't flash a Stock ROM, and I can't boot the installed, Stock ROM. My knowledge of Android is not good enough to sort out the booting. Any tips please? I have a teenage daughter shouting at me :-(
  6. Anyone know where we can get stock for G510-0100 please?
  7. Anyone know where to get InstallTWRP.zip as mentioned in the OP? It is no longer available to download.
  8. Requested unlock code from Huawei at about 9pm last night and the code came back by 4am today. Thanks Seb. (G510-0100 from Vodafone UK and not network locked).
  9. juniperz


    Is that something that can be boosted in a ROM? (Sorry - I am not technical).
  10. juniperz


    Thanks davidevinavil. I put CM 7.20 on my new phone on Sunday and I am very impressed, particularly with battery life (looks like I should avoid 7.21...). My Blade would barely do a day, but the LiquidMT has only dropped to 80% in the last 12 hours. I am still amazed at how ridiculously easy it is to put on a Recovery, take a backup and put on a new ROM :-) A question - how do people find the call quality?? I know these phones are fantastic little computers, but I also need to use that core function - being a telephone. I don't want to have to do it, but I am on the point of sending it back because it is really quiet even on full volume, and it sounds tinny (I have good normal hearing). Any CM tweaks I am missing? I see settings for Attenuation, but they don't seem to apply when just using the handset normally. (Yeah - my carrier is 23415 (Vodafone UK)).
  11. juniperz


    OK, I'll give it a go. My Blade managed to trash an SD card the other day (the nail in its coffin) so hopefully the LMT will be better behaved.
  12. juniperz


    Thanks. And changing partition size? I am not technical and wondered if there is a straight forward way for this device.
  13. juniperz


    I have been putting ROMs on an Orange San Francisco / ZTE Blade for the last 14 months, and decided to try a bargain Liquid MT (Expansys). I have CWM on it and rooted it, but I think I need to get back to CM7 asap. Will this ROM work with my 4.000.13 EMEA GEN1? Haven't seen many references to the GEN value. I am disappointed by the Data partition of 185MB. I have only installed 7 apps, and there is only 87MB free. Is there a way of increasing this? (I don't just mean putting apps on SD card). On the Blade I used the TPT method to increase Data from about 190MB to 294MB. @davidevinavil - thanks for pulling this together. Any chance of you providing MD5 numbers so we can see we have a valid file before installing please?
  14. The best place to find wbaw's method is here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1258855
  15. Thanks; I guess so. It is just that there have been references to soft buttons, so I wondered whether it was based on SEJ's. I guess I should just install it :D

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