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  1. The HTC desire has wifi-tethering out of the box (or at least mine did) quick google gives this guide to getting it working http://blog.brightpointuk.co.uk/use-htc-desire-portable-wifi-hotspot Be aware though that if your provider thinks you are using it tethered they may change you for the internet, as far as I am aware the only UK mob network that allows you to use your data on another devices is 3 (and then only on the one plan Or with the internet Max addon) (never worked out how they would tell that an android tablet is teathering from a android phone however...)
  2. I Can't get either Polaris or QuickOfficeHD to work either. Have just carried out a full reinstall (wiping cache, data and dvorik) in the hope that it was because I had been updating (from 1.13) rather than installing the whole fresh HC. Although nice to see the 6 sides Honeycombs, still fails to load just coming up with "The application QuickOffice (Process.com.qo.android.tablet) has stopped unexpectedly please try again" Used to work under Corus5.. anybody got anyideas?
  3. No both quickoffice HD and Polaris office, crash when i try to create a new document, did see other people mentioning it after rom 1.4 but not seen anybody mention it after 1.5 ... is it me needing to do a flash back to stock and start again then?
  4. First of all, loving my VegaComb and showing it off to as many people as I can.. Have convinced at least one person to buy a vega on the basis of how cool this rom actually is! Couple of issues everybody is aware off: (Polaris/Quick office, wont work (was hoping with the new frameworks in 1.5 this would be fixed, but they are still crashing for me as soon as i try to open/create a document)), Flash, although not a major problem as everything seems to work if I can get it to go full screen) And one that i might be miss understanding.. In (Cpu Master??? theoverclock program) i checked the information tab, and it gave processor tegra 250, and seemed to imply there was only 1 processor core (Proccesor 2 = 0). I was under the impression that the Tegra was a duel core processor so should show 2 processors?... Is this not the case or am i missing something?. Thank you, Great Rom, been truly amazed by the speed of your development cycle!
  5. Um because vegas don't have a sim port so its always going to need a port for the viewpad and Pov would be my guess, given the memory requirments of HC, seems like a good idea to not have to include all the extra bits for gps and 3g in the main build?.. or am i confused (only have Vega and loving Vegacomb so feel free to correct me)
  6. Don't know if it helps but to get asproxy working (and rdp lite to connect to the school rdp server actually) had to give full domain names.. While tata-isa could be entered as the proxy in windows. TO make the vega access it had to enter tata-isa.tata.local:80 . My techs slightly dismissivly said tis cause all those nix's like all the details... by the asame token, had to ender tata-staffts1, on windows to access the rdp server, on on the vega tata-staffts1.ccs.local ... Don;t know if it helps but it might be that you have to add some stuff (if this does not help, sorry...)
  7. Have quite a powerfull proxy at work, due to working in a school and it handling all filtering etc.. have found asproxy from the market can handle it
  8. Since my compertition entry I have gone and bought one, and am using it as a classrom assessment and registration tool. Have it set up with an RDP client to the schools thin client and terminal system, allowing me to register, report and check attendence on it strait in the classroom without having to sit at a PC (Most registers are electronci these days so normal a teacher has to stop watching the class to try the register into thier laptop). however I can use it to stay at the front and mark attendence more like an old fashioned mark book. As we use a moodle based VLE to submit and recivie work I am also able to sit with students, bring thier work strait up on it (Using quick office), allowing me to assess and support the students strait in front of them. Its going so well the school is now investigating buying a few themselves to send out with the PE department (as they cannot sit at a laptop to do stuff) I suspect that is all an Unexpected use of the Vega,...
  9. Can i add my call for this to be stickied as just spent 20 minutes on here and XDA to find where I had seen it!
  10. (Was hoping there would be a separate area to post for the lottery as not sure I wanted to try and finds a reason to post elsewhere) I'm a teacher from the Uk, who spends half my time raving about android to my students, and convincing them to avoid iphones and buy htcs's or blades.. (dependent on cash) Started visiting here after researching a phone for my wife, after reading all the stuff here, got her a blade, and paid my £10 to use the kitchen and update it. Since then been wondering about how can use a tablet vega in a classroom, so been following all the threads about what is being done with them. been visiting every couple of days for last couple of mounths, but as have had no problem just finding existing solutions to problems in the forums and the search, never needed to post.
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