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  1. I'm sorry, according to this article, Gingerbread can no longer use Google Services (including the Play Store) that's why you can't connect. https://www.androidcentral.com/expect-app-support-gingerbread-drop-significantly-it-loses-google-play-services-support
  2. the harsh truth is that the Blade is dead :) It's a 9 year old smartphone after all. Tech has moved on since arm v6, people have moved on since the 3.5 inch screen. The only reason remembered about it, is because I found it during a huge house clean. If it still works, it's better used a non-smart phone. You know, to make calls and write SMS. And that's if it works - mine has a dead spot that doesn't respond to touch right where the app drawer icon is...
  3. Thank you for your reply, @nutsda ! I am reluctant to install it because without having the right Recovery version. As far as I understand, I will be stuck in a boot loop if my recovery is not the right for the ROM I'm installing. Does anyone know how I can find more details about my recovery? Many thanks! :)
  4. Hi, My Marshmallow Smart Ultra 6 is very slow, battery life is bad and I can't use AUX cables. I thought I'd do a factory reset but I thought I might as well downgrade to Lollipop. I see there are bits and pieces of info on the topic scattered around the forum but no thread specifically about that. I would like to ask for help with this and I'll collate all info I've gathered here so if anyone wants to do the same in the future, they have what to use as a guide. 1. I have downloaded the UK 5.1.1 VDF-995NB01-UK09b stock ROM & recovery from the Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 stock ROMs, OTAs, and recoveries thread. 2. My phone has 6.0.1 VDF-995NB02-UK10d stock ROM with stock recovery, therefore I need to install the stock recovery for B01-UK09b ^ This is where I am stuck. I can see you can install a stock recovery with TWRP, but I need root to install TWRP, but I can't get root because I'm on stock 6.0.1. How do I install TWRP or how do I downgrade my stock recovery so I can install the old stock UK 5.1.1 ? Any help would be much appreciated! :)
  5. Great work man! As usual! I have battery drain though and I'm not sure whether it is because of the rom or the kernel. I plugged it off charger around 5 in the morning and and at 8 o'clock it was on 93% and now after 15 minutes of browsing it is 81. I have Google Maps installed - could that be the problem? Spare Parts doesn't report partial wakes. :) Do you guys have the same problem or I'm the only one?
  6. You guys totally rule! Anyway I'm not sure many people would prefer sense functionality over CM7 speed for example. Is there a way to merge Sense functionality and themes with CM7? I do think that this would be the only sensible decision. :D
  7. https://github.com/TomGiordano/kernel_zte_b...ts/experimental This hould be the number of the fix. (:
  8. The camera quality has improved for me too! Switching back to FLB though cuz yesterday I listened to music and tried to chat using imo/skype over EDGE and the screen froze every 20-30 seconds. It drove me crazy! Besides that the ROM is really really awesome! BTW is there a way to restore my apps through the market or gmail account? It was quite convy on 2.2 but can't use it in CM7.
  9. I tried to flash the zipped package via Clockwork but proximity sensor didn't work at all. Then I flashed the boot.img through Terminal Emulator following THIS guide and unfortunately the fix works occasionally on my OLED San Francisco with CM Nightly 15 Both times I've ticked the "Always use proximity" option in Call settings Sorry.
  10. Many thanks! Both for the kernel and the Clockwork zip! Flashing now...
  11. Yes but the UI is so sluggish on 1GHz ARMv7 processor. Really can't imagine what would it be on our 600MHz ARMv6s...
  12. Shame on you ZTE! Look at the back button, people! I'm having difficulties operating with it with one hand on my Blade and it's maybe the most frequently used button! Now imagine how would it feel on that 4,3" Skate device! Shame! (anyway if it's 99 pounds i'm definitely buying it! :D )
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