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  1. What's the problem with installing adaway. Not available on play store but search for it on Google. Installed OK here.
  2. I buggered mine up trying a custom ROM flashed UK stock 4.3 ROM here http://www.modaco.com/topic/366786-how-to-flash-to-the-standard-uk-rom/ Then got the ota update to KitKat. Worked for me. Hope this khelps.
  3. I can see I made the right choice when I got this phone. Just keeps getting better.
  4. Got one from Tesco Today and unlocked with code of Ebay. £1.99
  5. I never used an official update app when I unlocked the bootloader with the code from Huawei. I used B952 repack then relocked the boot loader. Then used the code from Huawei. All that happened was it did some kind of factory reset that caused some apps to force close after reboot. Restored a backup and all OK.
  6. I've been running this since it came out and have had no reboots or network problems. Only thing I can think of is I have officially unlocked the bootloader.
  7. Been running this since it came out and have no problems with losing network signal. Got official boot loader unlock.
  8. Been running this all day. No network drop.
  9. Try the scripts posted here http://www.modaco.com/topic/362152-unlock-bootloader-oficially-with-the-code-of-huawei/ Unzip and run the scripts inside. Makes the whole job easier
  10. Got the bootloder unlock code. Relocked the bootloader and used this script to unlock. Caveat, rebooted phone and got loads of processes stopped. So make a backup first. Installed CWM and restored from a backup I'd already done and all ok. Cheers to Alkolinorap for these scripts and jsevi83 for the zip to relock the bootloader. :)
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