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  1. Hi All ... Anyone had problems with the auto-rotate feature on the Commtiva N700 ... Mine's (just opened yesterday on Christmas Day) worked fine until just a few hours ago ... Now it won't auto-rotate ... Anoyone had similar issue? Any advice much appreciated ... Cheers, Stevo. :(
  2. Hi All, Just joined, and been having a browse around at all the intersting forums etc ... looks like I'll be a frequent visitor in weeks to come! I've been a confirmed 'desktop PC-only' person for the last 10 years, and have just purchased my first tablet - a Commtiva N700 (£300 from Tesco). I haven't switched on yet ... I'm actually waiting on Mr.-Virgin-Installation-Man coming to convert my current (ethernet) cable-only connection to Wi-Fi (and also upgrade me from 20 to 50meg), so that I can use my desktop and Netbook, and also this new tablet !!! I know I can use a 3G SIM in my N700 to connect to the Web, but thought I'd wait until I can get all my cable connection sorted. I'm looking forward to browsing and looking for Apps for my tablet, but just wanted to ask a basic question first ... is there any sort of security that would be necessary (or advisable) for an Android tablet. Reason I ask (and I'm not totally paranoid about Internet Security by the way !!!) is that my PC and netbook are pretty well protected using McAfee ... I just wanted to know if anything similar was needed for a tablet? Please excuse me, I'm a complete novice at the whole 'mobile' advancement in communication and browsing ... I do have an Apple iPhone 3G, but it was returned to it's box after only a couple of weeks (troublesome) use, and I reverted to my faithful old Sony Ericsson for texting and calling!!! I've always done my emailing and browsing on my desktop ... so it's a whole new experience coming my way!!! I'll no doubt have many other questions along the way, and hope that this is the start of a (mutually) beneficial relationship with all on this site!!! Any info or advice (regarding the above ... or in fact any aspect of tablet/pocket PC use) would be much appreciated. Cheers for now ... St. B)

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