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  1. Hi there and happy new year to everybody! Can I flash this on top of LN 1.9.2? Is it worth installing?
  2. I bought a replacement here: http://www.mugen-power-batteries.com/ . Good price, improved capacity (1550mAh instead of the original 1300mAh), better quality than no-brand chinese batteries!!!
  3. Probably this will not solve the problem, but just to let you know... I had many weird behaviours and restarts when my original battery was nearly dead (about 2 years of life). Now with a new battery everything is ok. Maybe it is just a case...
  4. I've installed CWM as you've suggested. Then stock rom+malez to revert to LN.
  5. Updated feedback: tried again starting from stock rom, wiped all etc... Same result :( The rom seems smooth soon after being flashed, but after reinstalling all my usual apps it becomes unusable. My feeling is that it keeps killing and loading background apps/services and this process drain a lot of battery and makes the rom unusable. Now I'm back at LN1.9.2 that is silk smooth with 80+ apps installed.
  6. My previous rom was LN 1.9.2. I followed all the instructions starting from LN and not a stock rom as suggested by nameless92. With A2sd (1024MB partition) and swap (512MB partition). Now I'm back at LN 1.9.2. I'll try again when I have some time flashing a stock rom before... Anyway it seems a problem with memory management, because it was impossible to open even opera browser or other not so demanding app without waiting a lot of time and ending with a reboot! (p.s. I unchecked and checked again freemin box as suggested...). Should I flash gapps and beats audio soon after flashing the rom or does it need one or more reboots? (I flashed everything without rebooting/exiting from recovery).
  7. So laggish! Unusable! what's wrong?? A1, followed all the instructions... :(
  8. Where is it that option? I cannot find it :(
  9. Hello! I'd like to try this rom, it seems sooo interesting. Eventually is it possible to revert to LiquidNext 1.9.2 (my current rom)? Is it possible to restore a LN nandroid backup? Do I need to reinstall malez recovery? How to do that? Thank you to all the devs!!!!
  10. LiquidNext 1.9.2. Great battery life, stability and smoothness. I'd like to try CM 7.2 but I don't get if it is overclocked by default... My processor doesn't seem to happy with overclock :(
  11. Some other info here: http://forum.xda-dev...399&postcount=3 This is nice, but it is in Italian :P http://forum.hdblog.it/f393/%5Bguida%5D-differenze-tra-i-vari-governor-49460/
  12. Hello, the compass on my Liquid A1 is not working well with this (otherwise amazing) rom. Is it a common problem? DOes anyone know how to solve it? Thank You!
  13. Does changing camera resolution to 480p solve the situation?
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